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Nov 24, 2006 07:36 PM

West Hartford Indian take-away and grocery find

Driving down Farmington Ave from Hartford towards my place in Farmington, I spied a chowish looking grocery store named "Cosmos International Inc". It's about 1/2 mile East of WH Center.

I pull in and walk around and it's an impressive grocery store for the area. About 75% indo/pak stuff, and the remainder groceries from around the Mediterranean (Israel, Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, etc) and a few oriental staples. There was some produce as well, for good deals on fresh ginger, garlic and coriander -- and some harder to find items such as okra, methi, etc.

The store was extremely clean, which impressed me immediately, and the shelves stocked full and high.

But the real treasure find for me was in the back of the store where their deli case was stocked with great looking Indian take away cooked in their in-store kitchen. There was about a dozen hotel pans lined up in the case filled with the classics: chana masala, navrattan korma, paneer matter, chicken tikka masala, assorted tandoor kebobs and meats. Everything is sold by the pound, from $4.99 - 6.99. (Far cheaper than the Indian hot bar at Whole Foods down the street, and surely more delicious).

There's also appetizers: pakoras, samosas and such, as well as various chat salads. And for those with a sweet tooth there's a wide selction of Indian sweets. They're open through dinner hours which is convenient.

I didn't pick any up this trip but my finely-tuned chow alarm was ringing and it's rarely failed me. I'll be back soon to report in more detail.

Cosmos International Inc.
770 Farmington Ave.
West Hartford, CT 06119

Mon, Tues, Wed: 10-7:30
Thurs, Fri, Sat 10-8
Sun 10-6:30

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  1. they get their two varieties of samosas from two different pak delis in nyc.. both are well-known but their names escape me now. definitely the best items in the house. if only i could figure out a good way to heat them up at home without making them soggy!

    1. It's great that you mentioned this place. I love to have parties and one of my "secrets" has been the frozen samosas from Cosmos. I prefer the ones with the thinner (almost phyllo type) exterior and I've only tried the potato and pea (not much into lamb) and they also have a gigantic selection of chutneys to dip the samosas into....try the's spicy.

      I don't have a hard time frying them up...use something light like canola oil.

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      1. re: masha bousha

        im talking about the already-prepared ones from the deli counter. not frozen... i thought about re-frying but i trashed my deep fryer after realizing it was a health disaster nightmare.

      2. Two doors down from Cosmos is another international market, this one focusing on Eastern European food. I forgot the name of the place. The inside has many specialties from Russia and many signs are in Cyrillic.

        Directly across the street from Cosmos/International market is an Argentinian bakery. Wonderful churros! It is called Aby's Bakery.

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        1. re: JudgeMaven

          The Russian market is called Delicacy Market and I recommend their small, tasty cherry puffs at 89 cents a good breakfast treat. Aby's South American coffee and home made bread also make for a great start to your day. She makes you a large coffee for $1.25, medium for a dollar the best coffee buy in town. In addition to great food at Cosmos, you can find a delightful variety of real incense, a whole tube of nag champa for only 99 cents, for example.

        2. Aby's Bakery has churros? Glad you mentioned it. All that you can get around here are the nasty frozen ones which they sell at the BJ's "snack bar". Ewwww!!
          I'll check it out! thanks!
          I've been missing a GOOD churro since my last trip to Southern Cal.

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          1. re: masha bousha

            Made fresh (at least twice) daily with their churro machine. There have been times I've gone in and was told that it would be a wait because they were making a batch. Fresh out of the machine-mmmmm!

            I think the churros go for 2/$1.00. I buy a bunch to take home and most never survive the bus ride.....

            1. re: JudgeMaven

              I tried Aby's once - didn't know what to look for, so I got an eclair (I think) and a cupcake. Neither of them were fresh, and neither were memorable. Thanks for the churro tip - maybe thats what I shouldve gotten.

          2. Ah, you all make me homesick. I lived in Connecticut for 28 years, and 9 of them were walking distance from Cosmos, etc.
            I did the take-out frequently! The European place two doors away also had delicious, tho very rich, take-out. And Aby's, which started out on Park Rd. before it moved to Farmington Ave....mmmm.