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Nov 24, 2006 06:41 PM

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

where is the spot to fuel up after a night on the town

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  1. Not sure baout Toronto, but if you are in Mississauga, try Skyway Jacks...on Mississuaga Rd just south of the 401. Quantity and quality.

    1. Thanks for the info but I will be downtown so am looking for something a little more central

      1. mars at yonge & eg is my #1 stop for early morning refuel/pit stops.

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        1. re: rbc

          The original Mars, at College and Bathurst, is the real deal. The one at Yonge and Eglinton has that uptown vibe.

          1. re: estragon

            I have to agree, the College location is the real deal. Is Yonge a franchise? I could never figure it out, the menu is more or less the same but the taste is off in the Yonge local.

            1. re: estragon

              The original Mars stopped being original about twenty years ago when the Ukranians sold to the Greeks. The Greeks successfully turned a million dollar business into a hundred thousand dollar business. As`you may have guessed , I haven't been there for a long, long time. What is it like now-adays, in comparison ?

              1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

                Well, V V, Jimmy the counterman is still on duty--at least he was the last time I was there. We've been going for almost 30 years. Not the 'happening' place that it was then, but still pretty good.

                1. re: Yongeman

                  I grew up going to Mars and was shocked and appalled earlier this year to go in and be served disgusting food. Frozen food at which they microwave in front of you and then plop on the plate. It was vile, I took one bite and sat while my companion ate their burger and then left and vowed never to return.

                  I think the telltale sign of a restaurant is when you walk by and there are people in there. I live a few blocks from the original Mars and have not walked by in the past six months and seen more than two people in at a time.

                  It's a shame too, I had such fond memories of the place from when I was a kid and my dad took me.

            2. re: rbc

              Very good. They sure know how to cook eggs to your taste, but beware of fried potatoes: they taste kind of sweet. Service is fast and friendly.

            3. Breakfast or brunch?

              One of my favourite breakfast spots is People's Foods on Dupont at St. George. The un-greasiest greasy-spoon breakfast in town.

              On the gourmet/brunch side, the Drake and the Beaconsfield (AKA Molson Bank) are great. Also, the Swan, a few blocks east of there, at Queen and Crawford.

              Finally, my neighbourhood spot, the Universal Grill (Dupont and Shaw), has the best steak and eggs I've ever had, and many other fine things.

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              1. re: estragon

                thanks for the tips. It will either be breakfast or brunch depending on how well the evening before goes.

                1. re: JMHewer

                  I Love Boom on the north side of College street just east of Ossington. Not greasy, great omelettes and lattes.

                  1. re: sherry f

                    Boom is good. They make "shakes" too!

                    1. re: sherry f

                      I second Boom as well. The place is fantastic! I usually go to one on Eglinton, east of Avenue.

                  2. re: estragon

                    I seriously do not understand the deal with the Swan. I've really tried to like it since it's close by and the decor and ambiance is appealing, but the food feels so slapped together and flavourings are often off or overdone. We head a couple doors west to bar one for a yummy brunch. The Drake knocks out a great breakie too.

                    1. re: estragon

                      I second Universal Grill. It looks like nothing. I walked past it for like 2 years before setting foot in there just for somewhere different to go as i was sick of Faema. Universal knocked brekkie out the park and i have not been back to Faema since. I have yet to try their dinner menu but when they leave the specials up from the night before i can see that the place looks really interesting. Has anyone else had a look at dinner in this place and what is their wine list like? Places like this often get in some really nice wines.

                      Universal Grill
                      1071 Shaw St, Toronto, ON M6G3N4, CA

                      Faema Cafe
                      672 Dupont St, Toronto, ON M6G1Z6, CA

                      1. re: estragon

                        seconding the vote for people's, i've only recently discovered it but i love it! go jumburger.

                          1. re: Ediblethoughts

                            Sadly, it closed last week. I'm searching for somewhere new (after around 30 years)!

                      2. My personal favourite is Daybreak at Church & Carlton. Cheap, cheerful, good food, good service. Can't be beat after a long night out. :)

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                        1. re: xtal

                          I second Daybreak. Their portions are HUGE.

                          1. re: xtal

                            Just had breakfast at Daybreak. The best thing about the place is the variety of choices on the menu. I had the parilla mexicana, which is two kinds of sausage, one piece of bacon, two fried eggs cooked with tomatoes, and refried beans for about $9. No toast came with it, and the refried beans were colder than luke warm -- I left them. The coffee was good, but I think it cost extra. My partner asked about the oatmeal, and was told it was instant. She ordered pancakes, which was a plate of four huge pancakes with some dollops of whipped cream for $6.

                            So, I agree the service is cheerful and the portions are large. It is not particularly cheap. Maybe some of the other 60 choices are better than what we ordered. But there is no way on earth this is one of the best breakfast places in Toronto.

                            1. re: jjmellon

                              Huge negatory on Daybreak. I had an omelette there once and it was a total mess. Eggs are typically a no-brainer, so I haven't given them another chance.

                              For breakfast/brunch I really like:
                              Aunties and Uncles
                              Lady Marmalade

                              Aunties and Uncles
                              74 Lippincott St, Toronto, ON M5S2P1, CA