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Nov 24, 2006 06:37 PM

electric smokers

I am looking to buy a nice smoker. Have researched cook shack and just discovered smoking tex which seems to be about the same. I just can't find enough info to please my brain. Any comments about your electric smoker exp. would be appreciated. Thanks

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    1. I was a participant in the previous discussion, and ended up buying an electric smoker, partly because the thread served as the final impetus for me.

      I bought a Cookshack Smokette smoker, and fell in love instantly! I bought the Cookshack because it happened to be available at a local restaurant supply store. I've made the most incredible hot-smoked salmon, terrific brisket, and amazing beef back ribs.

      I'm a little food-toy obsessed, and decided that I needed to have a smoker up at our country house, as well. So...I ordered the Cookshack AmeriQue smoker, which I now keep at home in the city, and brought the Smokette up to the country.

      The AmeriQue is the latest model in the residential smoker line-up. It's fully digital, and has a temperature probe that turns the oven off when the internal temp of the meat reaches its goal. Or, you can set the oven for a certain length of cooking time, and the oven turns off when the time is reached. In both cases, the oven goes into a "hold" setting. This model is quite a bit more expensive than the Smokette.

      I've heard that some people prefer Cookshack for their after-sales service. There's a great website and a terrific forum, with friendly advice for any question. Check out The tech support is great, as well, and the sales dept. is wonderful to work with. I ordered my second smoker directly from Cookshack.

      There are owners of other brands talking on the Cookshack forum. You might want to ask about Cookshack vs. SmokinTex, although I think I've already seen a thread talking about the differences.