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Nov 24, 2006 06:25 PM

Dinner for two in TO next Friday

Flying in for the company christmas party but on the friday my wife and I have an evening on the town and are trying to decide were to eat. We have a reservation at Lee's but we are staying at the Cosmopolitan and am wondering about Doku 15? Also saw website for Moonson and that looked like a cool room. We are looking for somthing not stuffy with a bit of a vibe but great food

Also totally switching gears what about Marc Thuet. Only issue here is the dining room looks a little boring?

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  1. Ive been to Doku 15, and I really enjoyed myself. I went with a tonne of girls for a party so we didnt sit in the actual like formal little area, but we sat in the social lounge area at the front with low tables and couches where there was a DJ and we were served really lovely small plates. Everything I tried was pretty good, especially the curry chicken !! I didnt pay so I don tknow what the bill would have come to, but they gave us all free champagne so I thought that was nice, and they have a fabulous martini menu. Its a fun, trendy, beautiful place, great for socialising, but I have never been for a full sit down meal so I cant really speak on that service

    1. If you're looking for a party vibe without the place turning into a dancefloor, Gio Rana's is great - albeit a cab ride from your hotel. Gets my vote for "most fun vibe" in Toronto, and not pretentious at all. Food is great.

      The tapas bar Torito is a lot of fun too, and Kensington Market is a blast.

      1. If your requirements for a good meal are a fancy room full of fancy people then Thuet is not for you as it is probably the most bland room you will find in the city. But then again I go for the food not the scene...

        I heard good things about Doku when they first opened but they lost a lot of their staff to Kultura which may fit your bill as it has a spectacular room...

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          Hey give me a break I only get to go out in Toronto once or twice a year!
          So how is the food at Thuet?

        2. What about Habitat on Queen St W - great combo of wonderful food, great vibe, and not too noisy/crazy.

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            Great story in Toronto Life this month about the chef at Habitat:

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              thanks for the heads up. I just checked out Habitat and it looks great

                1. re: estragon

                  it goes poorly as they are booked for a private eventa as is Kultura which someone else suggested.

                  Is Lee's worth it

                  1. re: JMHewer

                    Don't know about Lee. But if you're staying at the Cosmopolitan, check out Trevor. Just do a search for it in this forum. There are plenty of reviews.

          2. okay, I'll be the one to go out on a limb and say thumbs-down to Lee. Personally, I really disliked the food. And I found the vibe to be very 905 hits the town for the weekend.

            Monsoon IS a cool room but I've heard the food has declined a lot lately. I used to love their sweet potato fries.

            If you're not into Doku15, just down the block and around the corner is Trevor's Kitchen & Bar(on Wellington). Good food, good vibe.

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            1. re: orangewasabi

              Check out a recent thread on Trevor's - sounds like it was great.

              1. re: jcanncuk

                did and done. got a reservation for next Friday.

                thanks to everyone for your suggestions