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Nov 24, 2006 06:25 PM


I'm going to the game Saturday. I plan to get there early.

I remember reading about the bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Anything else Chowhound wise before the game?

I don't have anything to get into one of the tents for good eats before the game, too bad.

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  1. From which direction are you coming? There is a lot of good BBQ that will be going in the Leimert/Crenshaw area on a saturday afternoon to pick up and bring. Dino's on Pico at Berendo (between Normandie and Vermont) has a tasty cheap 'crazy chicken' special for about $5 with a marinated char-grilled bird over fries. Lots of people on this board like Chicken Itza near USC. Check out El Parian or other Taquerias on Bandini's "The Great Taco Hunt" on blogspot.

    1. chichen itza i was guilty of the same mistake before.

      1. Hi Scotty,

        Chano's on Figueroa and 33rd for great mexican food.


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          Thanks for the tips--somebody else brought food from home, so we din't go out at all.

          I have to try Chano's and chichen itza.