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Nov 24, 2006 04:59 PM

breakfast: La Serenata or Guelaguetza?

Looking for a hearty breakfast tomorrow morning in downtown (give or take 10 miles) before heading back home to SF. Both La Serenata and Guelaguetza seem to get good reviews. How should I choose? And is there anyplace else I should think about for big Mexican breakfast? Thanks.

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  1. La Serenata is probably the last place I would think of for breakfast. Go to Guelaquetza if you are looking for great lunch. But when I think of a Mexican breakfast, Oaxacan doesn't come to mind becasue they serve a different variety of tortilla that is not my favorite. You could try El Tepayac on 1st St. for a big L.A. Mex-style breakfast.
    If I were visiting L.A. I would want to eat breakfast at a place like la Casita, where the corn tortillas are freshly made and the sauces are terrific. It's Poblano style cooking. I love their chillaquiles divorceadas with eggs. But they also do huevos rancheros, chorizo and I believe they do pozole everyday. They make cafe del la holla, Mexican chocolate and an atole with caramel that is delicious.
    I'd say they are within 10 miles from downtown L.A. and worth the drive. Although its a tiny place it is heralded as one of the better (some will argue "the best") Mexican restaurants in L.A.

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        Certainly La Casita's offerings are a lot closer to what people in Mexico would actually have for a hearty breakfast. Although, I am surprised they don't have any type of Huevos Ahogados... that is classic.

    1. Mi India Bonita in East LA has great breakfast. Its on Olympic Bl. Sit in the old room and it almost feels like you are eating in some grandma's kitchen.

      1. another great place to get breakfast near downtown is:

        be sure to leave enough time to find parking.

        Homegirl Cafe
        1818 E 1st St (Cross Street: Boyle Avenue)
        Los Angeles, CA 90011
        (323) 268-9353

        1. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I like La Serenata, at least the Boyle Heights original branch, for breakfast.