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need romantic restaurant recommendation

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My boyfriend (visiting from Egypt) and I will be in Torontoon MOnday night. Are there some great romantic restaurant recommendations? I'm from Boston...looking for something stylish and romantic? Thanks!

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  1. What kind of price range are you thinking?

      1. Scaramouche

        On a Monday, you might be able to score a window seat, which is great during sunset.

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          Scaramouche is fabulous, but quite a bit more than 150 USD, at least at the current exchange rate. Last time we were there, we spent $300 (=250USD). Same with Canoe, another great room with a view and fabulous food.

          For a quiet, romantic out-of-the-way spot, how about Batifole (much discussed here recently).

          Or George...

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            George is closed on Monday, isn't it?

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              correct me if i'm wrong... but i'm pretty sure batifole is closed 3 days out of the week and monday is one of them.

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                Batifole is only closed on Tuesday nights.

          2. Try Herbs near Yonge and Lawrence. Upscale, intimate with great food. Not sure if they're open on Monday.

            1. Yeah it is, I've been going through a similar struggle finding a business dinner for Monday. So many Toronto places close Mondays.

              Why not Jamie Kennedy Wine Bar? My wife and I always have a great time there, maybe a little more "bustling" than one would want for serious romance. But it certainly is stylish, and a great representation of Toronto. We staggered over there after our wedding reception a block away - couldn't eat the wedding food as our stomachs were shot from the whole experience - and JKWB gave us a secluded table in the back and a couple of glasses of champagne. Very memorable. We ended up eating about 2/3 of the menu.

              No reservations though, but if it's busy, a glass of wine at the bar is always a fun way to wait for your table.

              1. If it wasn't for the budget I would recommend Splendido. Go a little later than usual too, Yannick and his crew will treat you like royalty. Very nice atmosphere

                1. I 3rd? the rec for Scaramouche - it's really, really lovely.

                  1. where will you be staying and will you have a car?

                    Auberge du Pommier is a very romantic room

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                      Auberge du Pommier is outstanding, super-romantic, and a two-minute walk from the subway!

                    2. Hubby and I had our Valentine's dinner at The Laurentian Room (Winchester & Parliament). We found it to be quite the romantic spot. And the service was very good, too. Mind you, we haven't been there since V-day but are meaning to take hubby's parents there when they come to T.O. to visit us.