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Nov 24, 2006 04:24 PM

Vallejo - Aye chihuahua! Yo quiero La Michoacana paletas

Stopped by this ice cream shop / panadria that josquared found this year. Here's an update

Pine Nut ice cream - pistachio green ice cream chock full of pine nuts

Dried fruit & nut ice cream - this tasted like the chongos ice cream and was full of good dried fruit and nuts. Recommended.

Pistachio paleta - love this because I am a fan of phony green-colored pistachio ice cream and this had that intense flavor almost to the point of being boozy. The bottom of the paleta had lots of chopped pistachios. This would be an excellent paleta to dip in chocolate.


Loved the still hot from the bakery cinnamon buns and they make a good Mexican cheesecake. There was a nice cheese/vanilla taste. Love the prices - 1 scoop of ice cream, 1 paleta, 1 slice of cheese cake, 6 huge pan dulce ... $5.90.

Josquared mentioned they make tortas and as he reported the filling is a letdown which is a shame because the rolls are just baked. I passed. Right now ice cream & baked goods are the things to get.

As I was leaving I saw a white board saying "Se vende ..." a lot of words and anticipating an unknown baked good I turn around and asked what they were selling ... uh, puppies ... chihuahuas ... not the type of dogs you put in a bun.

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La Michoacana Ice Cream & Bakery
504 Broadway, Vallejo

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  1. You da bomb... next time I drive down to OAK, I am going to have a chow crawl based on your reports!

    1. Pistachio isn't necessarily one of my favorites, but the paleta I had grew on me as I ate it. I'll have to try it with chocolate the next time around, like you alluded.

      I definitely got the fruit and nut ice cream on my radar next time I stop by there.

      I have some days off coming next month, so hopefully I'll be able to stop by as the freshly baked stuff comes out.