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Truly yummy chocolate for Christmas gift....

So, my Dad and Stepmom moved to northern Ontario a number of years ago. I always try to get my Stepmom something special she just can't get up north. Usually, it is chocolates and the newest specialty kitchen gadget. I have been sending up Godiva chocolates, because I could always find them (plus I didn't live near the GTA at the time). I don't particularly like Godiva's and would like to send something, well, more yummy. Does anyone have any suggestions? As a note, I think I will be in the GTA a few times in the next month, but in the event I am not (or have a meltdown facing hordes of Christmas shoppers) I would especially love to hear about places with a website or that do mail order. Please help my poor stepmom elevate her chocolate experience this Christmas!

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  1. I love Bernard Callebaut chocolates and truffles. There's a location in Etobicoke at Dundas St W and Royal York. Or you can order online, here's their website:


    1. I know I talk about them a lot, but SOMA CHOCOLATE...either go to the Distillery DIstrict, or their website www.somachocolate.com. It has a note to say to email them for shipping information, therefore, I assume that they will ship to Northern Ontario. This chocolate is EXCEPTIONAL, and it is beautifully unique, and rich and delicious. You will not find anything else like it.

      1. Ditto on Soma... have given their chocolates as gifts in the past, always results in rave reviews.

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          whole-heartedly agree. well worth the trip to the store to check things out. my favourite truffle is the bergamont, my partner's is the masal chai. i have a friend who loves the balsamic vinegar, but i have to say, it's too strong a flavour for me. oh oh oh, the caramel filled one with fleur de sel on top, those are to die for, and i'll stop there because now i have a big craving.

        2. Swiss Master chocolates are absolutely phenomenal! Definitely my favourite place in the city for chocolates. The chocolate itself is the absolute finest swiss chocolate and the fillings are amazing.

          Swiss Master Chocolatier is located at 2538 Bayview Avenue just south of York Mills.

          They also have a website: http://www.swissmaster.com/index.htm


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            I second Swiss Master. The most beautiful selection of chocolates I've ever bought in Canada.Terrific selection of both traditional and unusual fillings. They have an interesting creme brulee chocolate I haven't seen anywhere else.

            Neuhaus in the Manulife Centre, and Leonida's in the Holt Renfrew Centre also have great chocolates that get flown in each week.

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              Does anyone know if Swiss Master carries paves? Signature chocolate of Geneva: deadly rich little squares dusted in cocoa. Sublime. I would love to get some for Christmas.

              I checked the website but found it a little hard to navigate.

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                I went to swiss master for the first time today, and was really impressed with the selection and the packaging. I only bought four truffles and they put them in a darling little box shaped like a mini-purse and placed it in a gold gift bag with all the trimmings. Some establishments wouldn't even bother with all that unless you buy a whole box of truffles. These would make awesome gifts.

                I don't think they had the creme brulee chocolate mentioned in one of the replies here, but I really enjoyed the eggnog truffle that I had.

              2. JS Bonbons at Dupont & Davenport. The truffles are spectacular.


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                  I second jsbonbons...she also does special ones with brie...to die for.

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                    I third the js bonbons- the salted caramel one is absolutely ridiculously amazing- I had one about a month ago and I CANNOT forget it.

                2. Bernard Callebaut has fabulous truffles - much better than Godiva in my opinion. (This being the Callebaut based in Alberta - not the products imported from Belgium.)

                  Soma has very interesting chocolates (individual varieties ranging from exceptional to weird, depending on personal taste).

                  I'd go with Soma for "plain" chocolate and Callebaut if you prefer decadent fillings. Hell, send some of both.

                  1. I'm a major fan of the Belgian Chocolate Shop, which makes their own top-quality filled and solid chocolates, using Callebaut. They tend towards the more traditional fillings (i.e., no lemongrass or chili pepper). They do ship and you can order online.


                    1. Callebaut (from Calgary) is amazing chocolate. I worked for the company at a store in Calgary for about six months, Bernard is a very nice man who really loves his chocolate, and the chocolates are really really good (staff was allowed free samples, and I enjoyed far too many)!

                      1. I also recommend Stubbe Chocolates at Dupont and Christie, across the street from the big Loblaws:


                        1. JS BonBons also has a Queen Street location. There's also Odile, who I just checked out at the One of A Kind: http://www.odilechocolat.com

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                            JSBBs average chocolates have not been found in the WQW hood since summer.

                            If I were you I would pick up some chocolate by Fouchon (available at my favorite dept store Holt Renfrew).


                          2. Are you looking for really good chocolate? Or "Fun" chocolate. Because I can recommend a place that does "fun" chocolate -- and can put together a great fun basket for your family. The chocolate is basic stuff -- nothing fancy at all - but he does covered peanut brittle, marshmellows, these things called "tinky winks".... it's called Chocolicks. www.chocolicks.com. Again, I stress, this is not fancy... just fun.

                            1. Does anybody know if you can buy Soma chocolates anywhere other than online or at their distillery dist. location? Pusateri's perhaps?

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                                no, im almost 100% positive that soma does not sell chocolate elsewhere.

                              2. If you want to impress on a somewhat restricted budget (still not cheap), I highly recommend a visit to Starsky's on Dundas in Mississauga. They have a huge selection of european chocolates - probably some you have never heard of - that are excellent and well priced. You will also discover some hard to find specialty items from Michel Cluizel.

                                If you enjoy intense dark chocolates with great depth of flavours be open minded to some names you have never heard of before, especially if you are just buying for yourself.

                                Notice: With the exception of the Michel selection, most items are bar form and therefore not fancy in and of themseves. So this option is not to be confused with truffles and hand-made chocolates found at our best chocolatiers.

                                1. Thanks hounds! I went with soma. For "quality control" reasons I ordered some goodies for myself too. They (and much happiness) should be arriving shortly!

                                  1. No has yet mentioned Simryn on the Danforth near Broadview. Tiny shop bursting at the seams with home-made chocolates. Fewer eccentric flavours than Soma but as good if not better.

                                    1. I will repeat the enthuastic rec's for SOMA, and it's always nice to take a walk through the Distillery.

                                      I have to say, though, I am a huge fan of a chocolate shop in Stratford called Rheo Thompson. Their Mint Smoothies are simply heaven.

                                      You can visit the website and order them online if you don't make it to Stratford very often - I always stock up when I go!


                                      Enjoy your chocolate adventures!