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Nov 24, 2006 04:11 PM

Hot smoked salmon

Trips to the west coast of Canada introduced me to hot smoked salmon and I am trying to find the best there is in London - or mail order. The west coast stuff was always wild (and sock-eye seemed to be the best fish type) but nothing I've had in the UK is as good.

Does anyone know a good, not exorbitantly expensive source?

The best I have found is Brown and Forrest's but it is pretty pricey so I stick to their smoked trout which is very good but not the same.

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  1. You could try this company. I've never ordered from them but they came highly recommended.

    1. I noticed that they sell it in Waitrose supermarkets. Probably the larger stores.

      1. Another company which is in Ireland is the Connemara Smokehouse on the West Coast of Ireland near Clifden. They do a Hot Roast Smoked Salmon and a Honey Roast Smoked Salmon in Wild, Organic and Farmed check out

        1. I've seen hot smoked salmon in M&S Simply Food (the one at Bond Street station, specifically) but didn't notice whether it was wild or farmed, sorry (and haven't tried it, though I was tempted, so no idea of quality) - worth checking out though if you pass one.

          1. I noticed a good new stall selling this at Borough Market today. I'll try and get the name tomorrow. Not cheap, but very good.