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Bryd brand canned crab meat...Any good?

Could not find fresh so picked up a can of this at Trader Joes. Planning on making crab cakes with it. Any thoughts?

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  1. canned crab is absolutely dreadful.

    1. I have seen that at TJ's but I prefer back-fin crab meat over the darker claw meat so I have not bought it. Most canned crab is pretty dreadful but some that I have had similar to that and stocked chilled has been okay. What I find amusing is that when I am making Vietnamese spring rolls. That chill pack canned crab has just the right flavor.

      1. The San Francisco Chronicle rated Byrd's canned crab (found in the refrigerated section at Trader Joe's) 90 out of 100. So it might be OK!

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          This is was bought refrigerated so perhaps it will work out. Will post the results.

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            I have bought that crab a few times-- the regular and the deluxe-- and each time found the flavor lacking. And that's in comparison to similar refrigerated canned crab that I get at Costco. I've ended up using the TJs stuff in tacos and things like that.

            They are both better than those cans that sit on the shelf unrefrigerated and are much more highly processed.

        2. I agree with the SF Chron.
          I've had pretty good luck with the TJ's refridgerated canned crab for crab cakes . . . not so interested in the stuff next to the canned tuna.

          1. I have used it many times. I don't use it for crab louis or anything like that, but it's great for crab quiche, crab enchiladas, or well-seasoned crab cakes - i.e., recipes where the subtle taste of fresh crab would be overpowered by the other ingredients.

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              Agreed!! I made Crab and Shrimp Cakes and they were excellent with it... I hope to make Crab Ravioli with it soon! :)


            2. I just used it for a crab mold appetizer and was pleasantly surprised at the nice flavor and texture. I had previously only tried the unrefigerated stuff which is pretty awful. The TJ stuff was about $8, while the Costco stuff is about $13 (haven't tried.)

              1. For Information Only..
                I had occasion to be at the Maryland Seafood market just prior to T-Day(to get fresh oysters)..I saw 1# plastic tubs of Fresh Maryland Jumbo Lump Crabmeat at $31.00 a Lb.
                Being full of the chowhound spirit..I took the plunge..
                OOOOOOO MYYYYY , just a little salt, pepper, lemon juice, and
                a touch of Old Bay...OOOO MYYYYY GOD...
                Once for experience at least.

                1. Bought the one-pound can and made excellent crab-meat salad for sandwiches with it - and it was TOTALLY clean, spent a few minutes poking through it for shell, and found not even the first little piece! TJ in Manhattan was sold out for a while as one restautrant came in and bought all 30+ cans on the shelf.

                  1. Yes, it is delicious! I just used the can I have had in my JennAire floating glass front refrigerator for five years.... to whip up crab cakes using the crumb mix from Zatarans. Since there are just two of us, I was able to serve crab cakes three different ways for three days....First I served just the crabcakes with home made cabbage slaw, then the next morning it was Portobello CrabCake Benedict like I get whenever I go to Paradise Cove in Malibu (pictured). This morning I cooked the remaining crab cakes without mushrooms, placing just a poached egg atop each big crabcake and topping with the remaining blender Hollandaise sauce which I whipped up yesterday morning and refrigerated overnight. Each day the crab cakes were absolutely delicious and I will pick up another can next time I go to Trader Joe's (hope they still carry it). This next time I plan to use it right away even though I know from experience it will keep unopened in a good refrigerator for way longer than it says on the lid of the can.