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Nov 24, 2006 03:29 PM


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In a moment of heated inspiration yesterday I volunteered to do a high end, small dinner with wine pairings for Christmas Eve. I want to do a formal dress up dinner party. Would love some menu suggestions from fellow Chowhounders!

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  1. Aly.... can you provide us with some basic ingredients you like? Meats, Vegetables etc.,

    I think... Lamb & Pork are among things considered traditional for Christmas... Cod in Italy & Mexico... etc.,

    1. I'm having a nice formal dinner party on Sunday evening for my friends who own a wine shop - they're providing the wines - I'm doing a fresh scallop appetizer, some kind of salad TBD - duck with blackberry sauce, wild rice with roasted butternut squash and pecans, and rolls. For dessert I'm doing the peppermint chocolate torte on the cover of this month's BA (about the only recipe in this issue I wanted to try.)

      I love to do duck this time of year, and people don't eat it very often, so they're usually pretty happy to have it.

      1. I made that torte the other day, and used andes mints because I couldn't find the hard starlight kind. It turned out great and got rave reviews, even from non-chocolate lovers! Good luck!

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          Oo thanks! Just the push I needed!

        2. definitely a game bird of some kind - duck, quail, grouse, pheasant
          a fish course, maybe cod or stuffed squid

          1. Beef Wellington

            To go with it, some twist on mashed potatoes (with truffles, or mashed with parsnips).

            Martha Stewart has a recipe for Asparagus and Camembert bread pudding that would be nice as a side.

            A few fancy hors d'ouvres - goat cheese tartlets, etc...

            I'd have to think a little more, but Wellington would be my first choice for a main.