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Nov 24, 2006 02:55 PM

Good food near the NC Art Museum?

Can anyone give me a few sugestions of places to eat near the art museum in Raleigh? I am heading out that way to see the Monet show and would like to get some good grub.

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  1. If you are going to Raleigh from the west, Allen and Sons BBQ is on Highway 86 just off I-40 between Chapel Hill and Hillsborough and is wonderful.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      Distances are relative, and I love Allen and Sons, but it's got to be 25-30 from the Museum. I hardly consider that "near the museum."

    2. Actually, if it's open, the restaurant inside the art museum isn't bad at all.

      1. I second the suggestion of Blue Ridge (the restaurant inside the museum). I went to a reception at the museum last week with their catering, and it was delicious. I'd make a reservation, though, probably pretty crowded with the Monet going on.

        1. The Blue Ridge is great, but definately get a reservation during the Monet. They also have a little cafe available during the show on the first floor that has yogurt, cheese/fruit plate, cookies, etc.

          Which way are you coming from? If you really want "good grub" there is a great place in Lake Boone S.Center called 19th hole that has great bar food...hand patty burgers, fresh "chips", etc. Waraji is the best sushi bar in the triangle, IMHO, and it is right down Blue Ridge Rd. from NCMA, near 70, if you are coming from Durham. There is Neomonde, for some of the best middle eastern in Raleigh, off Hillborough and the Beltline, not far. etc. It would help to know where you are coming from the give you directions....are you looking for lunch or dinner, etc. I live about 1 mile from the NCMA, so I know this area pretty well.

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          1. re: VaNC

            Well, on the way there we will be traveling from Greensboro and we will be leaving the museum going east toward Johnston county after. It will probable be late lunch time when we leave the museum, we were thinking of lunch after the show.

            Also, is the Blue Ridge expensive? I have been to the museum a few times but never checked out the prices at the Blue Ridge, I just assumed it was overpriced like every other art museum.

            1. re: kate.s

              It's not cheap, but it's not unreasonable, especially for lunch. They don't have a menu up, but you can check out their times and such at the NC Museum of Art web site - just click on the link for the restaurant.