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Nov 24, 2006 02:38 PM

cheap ethnic eats near Venice?

Hi, we just moved to Venice, very close to the beach (walking distance to Abbot's pizza). We tried to drive to our favorite cheap Japanese noodle place the other evening (Yashima on Sawtelle and Olympic) and it took us almost one hour due to traffic. We love Guelaguetza on Pico and Sepulveda for Oaxacan, but now I am worried it is also going to be a long drive. Any ideas for good Japanese noodles or good Mexican food, closer to our area? Any ideas on good Chinese food? (please no Mao's Kitchen, I can't stand the place). We can't afford to spend a lot and we need a family friendly restaurant as we have a three year old kid. I don't know if there are Japanese restaurants in Santa Monica that are closer to us?.........

Thank you in advance!

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  1. There are a few, but what you really need are side streets intel. Have you tried coming down Rose then finding Palms?

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      Side streets intel! Good one!

      My thoughts exactly.

    2. Bay Cities Deli on Lincoln up in Santa Monica. Fantastic sandwiches, but their bargains are on the hot side. Can buy a meatball per kid and two per adult ($1.25 each) with sauce and some rolls and cheese and feed the gang for $3-4 each. Specials of lasagna, parmagiana, and potroast or meatloaf also very inexpensive.

      Tacos Por Favor, on Olympic at 14th. Tacos are close to $2 each, but they are generous and tasty. Great salsa roja from the salsa bar. Friendly place, fresh food.

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        Tip: If you're buying any of the hot stuff, there's a separate line for that. Much faster than waiting for any of the deli sandwiches. Meatball sandwich is tasty.

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          This is a GREAT tip! Get some meatballs - bread - mozz and off you go in no time at all for a totally affordable meal!

      2. I live in Venice and go to Guelaguetza at least once a week. It's a 10 minute drive tops if you drive up Venice blvd and then make a left on Sepulveda. If traffic's bad on Venice (only during rush hour) the you can always turn on one of the other streets like Walgrove or Beethoven and then make a right on Palms.

        For great Oaxacan food closer to home, there's La Oaxaquena truck that parks on Lincoln by Rose after 7pm. They have many (though not all) of the great things offered at Guelaguetza, including clayudas, memelas, tazajo, cesina etc.

        Cheap and tasty Indian food can be had at Taste of India on Washington at Abbot Kinney, and for family friendly Japanese that is fun and very reasonable priced there's always Musha on Wilshire at 4th.

        1. Bharat Bazaar on 11510 Washington has exceptionally good Indian take-out (the samosas are famously chep).

          Sakura at 4545 Centinela (Cross Street: Culver Blvd) is pretty good sushi and is big so rarely is there a wait.

          The argentine empanada place on Venice (Cross Street: Sawtelle?) is cheap, and great for kids--closes early so best for lunch or early dinner.

          Alejo's on Washington and Lincoln is great BYOB boisterous Italian food. Doesn't look like much from the outside but has a sincere following.

          Explore Lincoln. . .

          1. There was a recent thread about Missing Mar Vista...which is so very close to is the link (I hope)...