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Nov 24, 2006 02:02 PM

x-mas goodies as gifts

Last year I sent gift baskets from edible arrangements to clients.
I preferred the fresh fruit and chocolate to the large baskets with a few goodies and a lot of fillers.
I could do the same this year, but was wondering if there are any interesting alternatives in the GTA?

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  1. Last year I received a gift basket filled with fair trade coffee, cocoa or hot chocolate mix and tea. I thought it was much more thoughtful than the usual basket of c-grade candy. I think it was from ten thousand villages.

    1. Cookie Connection, 286 Danforth Ave, 416-531-4400

      This place makes good cookies with Belgian chocolate (I particularly like the chocolate batter cookies, find the plain batter chocolate chip cookies a little underbaked), and their scones are excellent. I haven't tried their muffins but I know they do a "breakfast" basket with muffins and scones that I think would be a real treat for an office - definitely a different league than MMMuffins (blech). Of course the gift basket prices are not at all cheap, they never are.