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Nov 24, 2006 01:30 PM

A question for Vietnamese food fans...

My friend was recently telling me that when he was home in Texas one of his old friends took him to a place to get a Vietnamese dish that he said he has only been able to find at the restaurant in Texas and in LA. We're now looking for it in NYC and I was hoping all you chowhounders could help out. From the way it has been described, the dish is basically rice vermicelli served with various types of meat on top in addition to little tortilla-like pancakes. On the side is mint, lettuce and a light, flavorful dipping sauce. The idea is you create little sandwich wraps and dip them in the sauce (along with a spicy sauce). I may be betraying my extreme lack of knowledge regarding Vietnamese cuisine, perhaps this is a very common dish at restaurants, but I don't know what it's called. Please help!! Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've had that several places in NY, try Pho Pasteur (used to be New Pasteur?) on Baxter. Here's the link to their menu

    1. "Bun" means rice vermicelli, so if you see that in the name you're on the right track. I believe Cong Ly, Pho Grand and Nam Son might have that dish.

      Cong Ly Hester St near Chrystie
      Pho Grand, 277 Grand St (212) 965-5366
      Nam Son, 245 Grand St 212-966-6507

      1. When you say pancake, is it like a crepe or clear white?

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          I believe more crepe-like, but I could double check

        2. I think what the OP is referring to is a type of summer roll platter, where you get the wrappers and fillings separately and assemble on your own.

          I had it all the time in Vietnamese restaurants in Ottawa, but I haven't been able to find it here, mostly because I don't know what it's called. (They call it "festival platter" in Ottawa)

          1. Im not sure if its the same thing your referring to. I've only had it at my sisters (who is married to a vietnamese). She mixes rice flour+corn starch, coconut milk, curry powder and water together. Then she heats a skillet and pours the batter thin until done. The fillings is made ahead of time. Then you assemble it into the crepe. Its not a summer roll because that uses rice wrappers. I just call it vietnamese pancakes haha.

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              oops wrong thing. though that sounds pretty darn good too.

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                I think you're referring to banh cuon. My mom (who is Vietnamese) makes that too - it's so good. She also calls it Vietnamese pancakes! Now I'm hungry.