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Trevor Kitchen -YU - UM!!!!! (longish)

went last night....LOVED the food. can't wait to go back....i'll start with the CONS:

-totally clueless hostess....stood around for 5 minutes with another party of 4 wondering where we should go, who we should talk to, what we should do...either it was her first day or she just didn't give a crap.
- had to ask her to take our coats (she didn't offer).
- THE NOISE LEVEL - holy crap- it was on the verge of unbearable....enough to consider not returning if not for the amazing food....i don't know if it was really low ceilings or what...very freakin' loud...spent the whole meal pretty much shouting.

-the food
-the food
-did i say the food?
-i'll try to remember most of what we had (4 of us)....
asiago mac & cheese
curried shrimp tempura with jicima salad,
2 green salads with candied walnuts and blackberries
venison tartare with homemade spiced potato chips and some fabulous sauce (their special - not on the menu)
sushi pizza (their take, done with tuna)
black cod (main course)
venison and foie gras with sage gnocci (main course)
chocolate cake with burnt marshmellow sauce
banana split for 2
1000 mysteries tea (really, you have to just smell this tea-it's unbelievable-thanks for the rec. on this board)

it was really all excellent....both venison dishes were outstanding...the mac and cheese was a real treat....sushi pizza, & tempura were great...would order just about everything again...only the quail for me didn't stand out although the mixed potato hash it came with was awesome...wouldn't order the desserts again...they were O.K...did not blow me away in the least....definitely not worth the calories......our server was great....we ordered our food sort of erratically and it took a REALLY long time for our last order of food to come (they were full last night)....trevor was manning the dining room, saw we'd been waiting a long time and comped our desserts...definitely appreciated that.....

Loved it!
Highly recommend!
Can't wait to go back!

all that food (not including the desserts)....2 bottles of wine (one $45 one $47)...2 glasses of red wine ($12 each)...2 lattes, 1 tea: $297ish before tip. - hopefully the prices stay reasonable -right now, it's really excellent value.

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  1. Next time for dessert, give the quince turnover a try. I thought that the combo of the five spice and caramel was outstanding.

    1. Hm I wonder if there is a problem with the weekend staff v. the weekday.

      Re; the sound- was at an acceptable level when I was there.
      Did you mention anything to anyone?

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        no we didn't mention it....just figured it was the small room, low ceilings and all seats occupied....could have been just a few loud talkers and the sound really bounces and echoes....our waitress was quite good, it was just the hostess that seemed to be in another world.

      2. Thanks for the review. I was hoping it'd be a good place to add to our roster.

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          We went last thursday - the shrimp app is excellent. The duck was good, but I was hoping for better. The shrimp and lobster pasta is very good. Kobe beef mini burgers very good to excellent. Wine list is not bad, small selection by the glass, but the majority are winners (I tried 4 half glasses of the reds). All in all very good meal, excellent service, but only good to very good for value. I don't remember noise being a problem.

        2. I went there with a couple of friends Friday night. We sat on the bar side. I thought the place was nice. It was empty when we got there, but it was filling up by the time we left around 9:30.
          I think certain things were great (mostly from the bar menu) and certain things were just OK.
          The items we had from the bar menu were the sushi pizza and the mac and cheese. Both were very good. I would go back for the sushi pizza alone. Not traditional, but yummy. It was like a fried rice cake on the bottom with the tuna sushi on top. Nice mix of textures and very tasty. The mac and cheese was very good.
          I ordered the blackened cod. I didn't think it was good. Especially for the $30 price tag. It was overly fishy for a place like that (ie not fresh). My friend tried the beef cheeks. It might of been good, but it wasn't her thing, so it's hard to tell if it was not good or just not her preference. Both mains were overly salted though in our opinion.
          I would go back for drinks and apps from the bar. Not sure if I would go for the full dinner given our experience with the mains.

          1. Went to Trevor last night with a few friends and had a very enjoyable evening. We sat in the dining room but asked to see the bar menu after watching a trio of mini burgers (Kobe, it turns out) be served to a neighbouring table.

            Food was very, very good. Interesting combination of ingredients, textures and flavours. A good part of the menu features upscale comfort food (eg. mac and cheese with asiago, nachos with beef cheek and chevre, Kobe beef mini burgers). Highlights for us - soup of the day which was a very light, brothy squash soup with diced bits of smoked bacon and creme fraiche, tuna tartare roll, spaghettini with prawns and lobster in a cognac sauce, nachos with beef cheek and chevre and the dessert - a quince turnover with 5-spice caramel sauce and some whipped cream.

            Room has a cozy, subterranean feel, nicely lit, lots of cool design accents. Service was okay - friendly but a bit on the "light" side of knowledgeable, not so confident.

            Overall, a great evening with surprisingly good food. A good addition to the downtown restaurant scene.

            1. I was also there last night... dining room was full so we were sat in the bar area. Service was BAD we sat and sat and then as the waiter was walking by we asked if we could also get the Tapas menu as the hostess only gave the dining room menu. The waiter did not even ask if we would like drinks. Brought the menu over and turned and walked away again without asking for drinks. Finally Trevor noticed us looking around with no drinks and took our order (NICE TOUCH! - most places would just say they would send a waiter over). We ordered Kobe burgers, Mac & Cheese & Tartar Tacos from Tapas then the Mustard Beef, Venison & Duck from the dinner menu.

              Tapas was AMAZING, Kobe burgers are a definate hit and will return for those. Mac & Cheese was great. My freinds loved the Tacos but I am not a mustard fan and the mustard seemed to overpower them for me. But the were HUGE I was expecting a lot less food on the plate for the price. At this point food wise were were thinking this is our new "food spot".

              Mains arrived and looked great, but no explaination from the server just plopped in front of you. Skimpy on the bread 4 thin slices for a table of 3. The duck was good but not great like other said mains were too salty. And to be honest in the dim light they all looked the same as they all had the same colour reduction on top. Duck was cooked perfectly though... Beef again had a mustard crust so I cannot comment as I dislike mustard. The Venison was nicely cooked but again salty. We had shoestring fries which were very thin and great..

              All in all we definatly will go back for the tapas menu and sit in the bar area, they need better staff, Trevor himself is very personable and seems on top of the room which is good but maybe should be controlling the salt shaker in the kitchen a bit better... :-)

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                Was Trevor the guy walking around with the baseball cap on?

                1. re: peppermint pate

                  Yes he was, he looked a lot more relaxed last night then he did on Opening Soon, think he lost some weight too... I think overall he should be proud of the space, it is beautifull and worth retuning too, just some tweaks on staff and food and it will be perfect.