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Nov 24, 2006 02:48 AM

Can you freeze mashed potatoes?

I have lots of leftover mashed potatoes--half idaho, half yam, mashed together with butter and cream. Can I freeze them? If not, what can I do with them??

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  1. Freeze them. No problem. I just froze mine. I freeze in single serving sizes.

    1. oooh, i do not agree with freezing these (and I am into freezing just about everything.) very unfortunately, frozen mashed potatoes taste unappealing after being frozen. you might consider making a pureed potato and leek soup, or just tossing them(they're cheap, after all). of course, you MIGHT like them after freezing; so you lose nothing by trying except taking up precious freezer space. suggestion: freeze 1/2 cup of them today; defrost and reheat tomorrow, and then you'll know what to do with the rest of them!

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        That's a good idea to to a test run. I have frozen mashed potatoes a long time and don't seem to have that problem. But then again, I like Swanson's mashed potatoes in the tv dinners too. Do you microwave them? How are you re-heating after freezing? If you microwave until warm, stir and microwave another minute, all is well.

        Here's one of the many sites that discusses freezing mashed potatoes. They recommend re-heating in an oven, but I've never tried that.

      2. And, what would I freeze them in? Can I use ziplock baggies or tupperware containers? (Yes, I am new to freezing.)

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          I freeze large hotel-sized pans of mashed potatoes for thanksgiving each year (we don't have a lot of refridgerator space) and found that if you mix in an egg, you get great results...usually I do 4 eggs for 20 pounds, so you get the picture..i reheat the potatoes in the tin pan i put it in and have had excellent results. I'm sure you could do the same with single servings, though i'd rethink the ziplock bag, as I've tried that before and they landed up might want to try putting them into muffin tins as single servings, freezing them individually, then bagging them in a large zip lock.

          1. re: sixelagogo

            sixe, how did you come up with this egg thing? and what does it DO exactly? it would be so helpful in my business to be able to reuse the 'julia's garlic mashed pota.' that we serve so often; but we just toss them because we've hated the defrosted/reheated results in the past.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              One of my thoughts was that the egg sort of emulsifies the potato, fat, and latent water content in such a way that when re-heated, there's not excessive seeping of water from the potatoes (what i'm assuming happens when you re-heat mashed potatoes)..
              I'm a highschool cooking teacher and host a GIANT (not to mention stressful) thanksgiving dinner for about 100 each year. For the dinner, I do about 60 pounds of mashers though have NO refridgerator space after i get my 5 birds in there. So I came up with this out of necessity. I used to put it in ziplock bags and microwave them, but the taste was off. Now I stick them into 6 inch hotel pans, cover with foil and throw it in the oven while frozen. Takes a while but they work.

            2. re: sixelagogo

              This is interesting. I have a lot of mashed potatoes left and just asked my mother how she makes her potato pancakes. She told me to add an egg to hold together of course, but I thought that seemed unusual. This is how I ended up on this thread to see if they freeze well. Thanks for all the advice.

            3. re: ejpnyc

              I use Rubbermaid containers or whatever plastic storage container is on sale. I wouldn't put them in bags.

            4. I would think mashed potatoes would freeze just OK, but not great, and probably would not last too long in there.

              Considering the cost of making them...
              Might be better to make something out of them over the next 4-5 days, then just make fresh ones anytime you want them.

              A trial run isn't a bad idea though.

              1. I freeze my herb mashed potatoes all the time. They will be watery when defrosted, so bake them in a shallow pan until the top is golden (water will have evaporated). They are delicious.

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                1. re: Funwithfood

                  Heating the frozen potatoes in a double boiler works well too - no lid over the potatoes so the steam evaporates.

                  Blending in a little sour cream/yogurt/buttermilk/add'l herbs also rejuvenates the flavor.

                  Wow, I wish I had more leftover mashed to freeze! My family ate nearly ten pounds this Thanksgiving. Yikes.