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Nov 24, 2006 02:23 AM

Dinner in Cole Valley?

I need a restaurant in Cole Valley for a first date.

Most important is that it be quiet. Romantic lighting would help, too. This is for Friday night. I don't know what the restaurant scene will be like the day after Thanksgiving, but I'm counting on you guys for some great tips!

Thank you.

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  1. EOS in the wine bar part of the restaurant

    1. I used to live in Cole Valley for a number of years. Frankly, there is not much there in terms of good dining. I suppose EOS would pass for the best there is but the choices are thin. I always figured it was a ripe market for a high quality restaurant.

      Appears that EOS is also changing hands - interesting to see what the outcome will be.

      Kezar Restaurant is a burger type of place and even it could do a better job. Again, has all the promise but somehow manages to miss the boat.

      Zazie is okay, best for breakfast than anything else.

      Bambino's seems like something that belongs elsewhere - perhaps somewhere in a suburban strip mall rather than San Francisco.

      Sorry for all the negatives, but I guess Eos has the best chance of satisfying your requirement.