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Nov 24, 2006 01:54 AM

Best Sashimi Downtown

Downtown : houston st and lower.
Sashimi : Fresh Fish - so freshest fish, most generous portions, variety of selection, overall value. I don't care much for maki, rolls tempuras or anything that isn't close to 100% raw seafood.

Also I'm thinking to do a big hands-on review on the best Sashimi in NYC, if any hardcore fish fanatic wants to join me that would be great.

Thank you!

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  1. This is a difficult answer because downtown has A LOT of great Sashimi places. I'll tell you why I choose Blue Ribbon Sushi over other greats, like: Bond Street, Tomoe, Japonica, Omen, etc.

    Blue Ribbon Sushi on Sullivan between Prince and Spring in SoHo is the best for variety. The list is split between the Atlantic and Pacific. There are always around 40 choices and the seasonal specials are almost always top notch.

    Like you, I have a craving for truly fresh sashimi, and within that perfect universe lies ChuToro or if you prefer O-Toro, the decadent belly that knows no equal on this, our planet earth. However, Fluke Fin, Sea Urchin, King Salmon, Milk Fish, Baby Eel, and Arctic Char are also high on my "lovers" list. All can be found at Blue Ribbon Sushi!

    I envy your next meal...

    1. Tomoe can no longer be counted among the greats, to my eternal sorrow. It's gone way downhill, to the point that I won't go there anymore.

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          1. It's a little about Houston but Sushi Mambo on Bleecker Street really appeals to me. It's affordable, the sashimi is generally good or better and they have friendly service.