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Can anyone please help me find preferably fresh duck breast uptown?

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  1. What is uptown?

    They have them at Cumbrae's (Bayview & Eglington). That's uptown to me.

    Try Oliffe as well.

    Loblaws has frozen at most locations.

    1. I've seen fresh magret de canard at the meat counter in Loblaws Forest Hill Market (St. Clair and Bathurst).

      1. try The Butcher's (yonge north of eglinton).

        1. Thanks for the help. Cumbrae's is closest to me, although I am prett close to Thorhill.

          1. Sobey's often has them in its upscale stores (along with venison, boar sausages etc). I get them at the St Clair & Yonge location - more midtown!
            I've seen them at both Bruno's and Pusateri's - but more expensive. And occasionally Bruno's has smoked duck breast (not what you're seeking but a superb product).

            1. Longos at York Mills and Leslie sell fresh duck breasts, and legs as well.
              They are usually in stock, but not always.

              1. I've bought them for Highland Farms in Mississisauga so Hf on Duffrein and Steeles which is close to you would probably carry tehm . Call and ask.