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Nov 24, 2006 12:47 AM

Good Food in the Westford Area

My hubby and I just bought a new house in Westford, MA. We have always been big fans of non-chain restaurants and were wondering if any one could give us some suggestions. We are willing to drive a bit...if it is worth it! Thanks!

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  1. There are a few threads on this on the New England board.
    There isnt a whole lot around.

    I enjoy Bamboo in Westford. Mainly for their Sunday night only dinner buffet. All you can eat ginger/scallion lobster, among many other things.

    In season- Kimballs in westford is very good ice cream. Perhaps the best mini-golf in the state. Love the Gingersnap molassas flavor among others.

    Places to really avoid.. Yangtzee River in littleton is horrible. Perhaps some of the worst chinese food ever.

    Kens American cafe is pretty bad too. I have been about 4 times. Last time was served a seafood platter with mostly spoiled/fishy seafood. Other times were pretty blah as well.

    Let me know what sort of cuisine you prefer and i can think of some ideas.

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    1. re: hargau

      Thanks for the feedback. Was really looking for all types of cuisine, just places that have good food & atmosphere.

    2. Gibbet hill in Groton is worth checking out.
      If you drive out west some, sonoma in princeton. Victorian house in ashburnham, both more upper scale.

      For cheap no frills/buffet chinese and seafood check out Hudson super buffet in hudson. Mostly for the seafood.

      Also in Hudson there is a dive bar called the "bar lunch" with suprisingly good fried clams and seafood.

      In Leominster, I like Weathervane (a chain)for cheap but huge/good fried seafood on paper plates.

      Harvard has the fruitlands museum which has a nice Sunday Brunch. Classy, with nice views.

      Some like Scupper Jacks in Littleton, I personally dilike the place. Its like one of those places that old women with blue hair eat food that tastes like most wedding receptions.

      In Ayer there is a Korean place that is worth trying, i find it hit/miss depending what you get. Not much for atmosphere.

      West Acton has not your average joes (chain) which i find very average. Also has a thai place which is ok, nothing great.

      I like the pizza at Sorrento's also in West Acton and Harvard. Real brick oven.

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      1. Get thee to Lowell!!!
        There are many recommendations on the New England board. Search for "Lowell".

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        1. re: IreneC

          agree get to Lowell for Cambodian and Portugese food. but closer to Westford Shabu Shabu for hot pot at Drum Hill No Chelmsford, and also Glenview on Princeton Blvd for burgers etc.

        2. There is a very good Chinese spot in Ayer. I forget the name, but it is in an old converted house. Decent atmosphere and prices. Above average suburban chinese.

          I LOVE the Herb Lyceum in Groton. More of a special night out place and better with groups than dining for only two. Menu is the same for a month and you don't have any choices, but the food is always good, sometimes incredible. Only open Fri. and Sat. (one seating), BYOB, and in a beautiful converted carriage house.

          I second the Gibbet Hill recommendation, but it's really not worth bothering with on a weekend night from 5:30-8:30. Way too crowded.

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          1. re: DoubleMan

            Id like to know what chinese place that is. The only ones i know of are:

            Ahginwong in a strip mall- ok for apps and soup. Uses way too much msg. Main dishes are pretty lousy but portions are all giant. mostly takeout but has some tables

            Wok In Roll- Mostly takeout. Was ok with original owner who then went on to open eurasia grill in boxboro (and then sold that one too). Now its ehhh at best. Mostly takeout and delivery

            Mango Grill- id say this is the best chinese in ayer although still nothing special. Very nice room and great service. Pricey menu but ok for lunch specials. Perhaps this is the one your thinking of.

            1. re: hargau

              Yeah Mango Grill is the one. Definitely not transcendant, but I'd say well above average for the suburbs, especially service and atmosphere.

              1. re: DoubleMan

                Thanks for all the replies! I def love the Glenview for a good, casual, cheap meal! I have many fav's in Lowell, La Boniche
                being one. I am very excited to try the Herb Lyceum! If anyone thinks of any others...especially upscale ones, let me know.
                I would even be willing to go to Concord area, not sure if they
                have more or not. Thanks again!