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Nov 24, 2006 12:43 AM

Where can I get my knives sharpened? (downtown Toronto)

I am deeply ashamed of the state of my knives, and I need to get them sharpened pronto. They're good knives (a mix of Henkel, Global and Kyocera) - and it's evil of me to treat them so badly.

I need a place where I can drop 'em off and pick 'em up shiny and honed a few days later. Ideally downtown; I live at King and Bathurst, work at King and John.

Does Nikolau on Queen sharpen? Embros on Yonge? Dinetz on King East; any of the places in Chinatown; Williams Sonoma; Nella; Lee Valley; um, Calphalon................?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Nikolau has a sharpening service. Drop of Friday pick up Monday. But, I have had a bad experience with the sharpening through them. I asked specifically if they could sharpen my serrated bread knife and they said no problem. I asked if there would be an extra charge and they said 'no'. I was pleasantly surprised until I returned on Monday and I found they had simply sharpened it as if it was a straight blade and worn off all the teeth! You have to sharpen a serrated blade with a round file of the correct diameter equal to the space between the teeth. It is the same as how you sharpen a saw. My blade was close to ruined (it took me so very many hours of filing to return the teeth). Why did they think I had asked so carefully? Are they that stupid!

    I have done my own sharpening ever since. If someone knows a more reliable a source, I would be happy to leave it with a professional again.

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      Ooh, that's not encouraging. Thanks for the warning, Atahualpa.

    2. Unfortunately Embros has gone. That's where mine were sharpened (as well as mandolines). So I'm searching too.

        1. re: thomasevan

          Second Nella. Cheap and they do a good job, as they should since they sharpen knives for most restaurants in the city.

          1. re: Mila

            Third Nella.

            Haven't been to that one but I've been to the big one beside the 400. If you can get there, do it. Great selection of chef's items. Plus, if you can wait around about a half hour, they can do them right then and there.


        2. There's a Nella on Bathurst just north of Bloor. I think it takes a couple of days. Once you get them sharpened invest in a honing steel and steel every time you pick up your knife for the first time. That will keep them sharp for a really long time. You'll almost never have to sharpen them again.

          1. Berghoff (sp?) knives in Kensington Market sharpens on site. Its on Baldwin just east of 'Kensington's' on the north side.

            i think its around $3 per knife (or cheaper for more).

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              I know it's not downtown, but the Cook's Place on Danforth near Chester has a sharpening service that I've used a number of times. Last visit, I think it was the owner who offered to give me a very helpful lesson on using the sharpening steel to prolong the life of the newly sharpened blade.

              1. re: Full tummy

                Does the old Italian fellow with his sharpener & bell still go around downtown?
                Always thought that was neat

                1. re: EPIcureanTO

                  Yes, but he goes through back lanes in my neighbourhood at random times - making his service close to useless and making me wonder how he earns a living.

                  1. re: embee

                    When I went to George Brown the chefs used to tell us (shout at us) NEVER to use the guys in those trucks. They exist to sharpen lawnmower blades and skates. You do not want them anywhere near your fine kitchen knives. Go to a good kitchen supply or restaurant supply store, or buy yourself a Chef's Choice, or learn how to use a whet stone (which some find meditative but I have never had the patience for).