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Nov 24, 2006 12:29 AM

Any Ideas for Turkey Neck?

I saved the one from this years feast. Its one of my favorite cuts and I am looking for ideas for a dish. Any welcomed. I am thinkinking something with rice or a stew....

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  1. Braising or even simmering in a flavorful medium would be my choice but with only one neck- seems like alot of work. Maybe just simmer in a flavorful stock with veggies of your choice. Have the soup (as noodles separately cooked or potatoes) as one course, and then pick away at the neck (like it with a creamy fresh horseradish sauce to dip the little shreds in)

    1. Next to duck, turkey necks make the best poultry based stock of all. But with just one neck, I'd make risotto, maybe with some mushrooms or wild rice. Simmer the neck in enough water to cover til you can pull most of the meat off with a fork or your fingers. Set aside the meat and continue to simmer the rest til you have a nice stock (you want to end up with no more than 2 cups of stock, so uncover the pot if needed).

      Use the stock to make risotto according to your favorite basic recipe and add the meat near the end. There's a bit of fat in the stock, so cut back on the amount of butter or oil you would normally use.

      Turkey necks are going to be dirt cheap for the next few weeks. Pick some up and make lots of stock!