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Nov 23, 2006 11:29 PM

Bakery / store-bought Thanksgiving pies - how was yours?

The pie I bought from Bear Claw Bakery in Pinole is pure pumpkin pie perfection. The pumpkin filling has this wonderful, rich smoothness has a butteriness to it. The spice is very muted but complements and accents the pumpkin flavor. Nice shortening crust with maybe a bit of butter in it.

I haven't bought one of these before because they don't sell slices and I didn't want to commit $10 to a whole pie. Really glad I did this year. It is one of the best I've had in my life.

So where did you buy your pie ... what type ... and how was it?

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  1. Decided not to have pie over here this year - went for cheesecake instead (John & Jill's over in Novato).

    It disappeared pretty quickly - pretty good stuff.

    1. I ordered a Dutch apple pie and a marionberry pie from Destination Baking Co. in Glen Park. The friends I had Thanksgiving with don't like pumpkin pie, and neither do I. Anyway, Destination makes fantastic pie. I buy pie from them several times a year. The berry pies are not very sweet, which makes them perfect for pairing with ice cream.

      The owner is actually opening a place on 25th & Mission (along with some partners) called Mission Pie next to Southern Exposure. Apparently, it's going to be sweet and savory pies and coffee (sourced from a single farmer). They're trying to go sustainable/organic all the way.

      1. I used one of the frozen, all-butter premade crusts from Whole Foods and some lovely Granny Smith apples, producing the best pie I've ever served! It smelled so good while baking too!

        1. I took Upper Crust Cran-Apple and Pecan pies to a Thanksgiving dinner at friends' house. I've loved their pies for quite a while, and both were great. Upper Crust bakes in San Rafael and distributes to good markets (good being defined as those that carry their pies). As I mentioned in another thread, I also got to try a pecan pie made by someone from a Cooks Illustrated recipe and it was a bit different but at least as good.

          1. On Wednesday afternoon, I bought the last pumpkin pie at Tart to Tart on Mission & 3rd. It was delicious! Real pumpkin flavor, nice spices, flaky buttery crust. But it should have been for $18!!