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Nov 23, 2006 10:33 PM

Recommendation for LA Restaurang for tomorrow

I am in LA for Holiday and am looking for recommendation of restaurang in the LA are for tomorrow night. I have a reservation for Pinot Bistro for Saturday but nothing for tomorrow. I am currently in the valley, but are open for 30-45 min drive for a good meal.



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  1. JAR, if you can get in. Whist at The Viceroy. Chinois on Main in Venice.

    Really depends on your budget and type of food you want.

    1. If you are flexible, I'd suggest going to Mozza in the afternoon. Reservations for Friday night might be hard to come by, as it's the newest (and most controvercial on these boards) place in town -- Mario Batali and Nancy Silverton joined up to create what is reputed to be the best pizza on the west coast. Some say it's sublime, others not so much. But definitely worth checking out.