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Nov 23, 2006 08:36 PM

Silken Chicken

A Chinese supermarket near me sells packaged, relatively small frozen birds called "Silken Chicken." Anyone know what these are? Are they good? How does one prepare them?

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  1. They are a special breed of chicken.

    See Silkie - Wiki:

    They have silky feathers and are often kept as pets in the west. They are raised in Taihe province in China and are sometimes called Taihe chickens.

    There is a bit of info on CHOW: .

    As for how they taste, I'd say not that much different than a regular chicken. Maybe a bit richer. I have only had them in soup and that seems to be about the only traditional preparation. The soup is considered medicinal and is made with bitter gourd/melon as well. The Asian grocer near me sells the chickens whole and split in half and wrapped up in bundles with the rest of ingredients for the traditional soup.

    I would be interested in roasting a whole bird just to find out what it would be like and I might just do that sometime. The flesh is almost purplish and the bones and skin dark charcoal to black.