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Hi all,
my parents are throwing a dinner party on saturday and im in charge of the hor d'oevres and apps. instead of pasta or risotto, my mom wants to have a nice spread of interesting things to munch on with drinks before we serve the main course. so far, i've been told to make figs wrapped in brie and prosciutto, as well as my chick pea spread.
Criteria: i would like to make as much as possible, so no premade apps allowed. my parents are not very adventurous, therefore if we could stick to italian or european apps, that would be great.
Can you help me? I realize its last minute

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  1. There was a recent thread with a lot of good ideas for an elegant cocktail party. Here's a link to get you started:


    1. The leaves of Belgian Endive make a great "boat" holder for virtually any creamy appetizer spread and look very elegant - here's a link to a picture so you can see what I mean - it happens to be a smoked salmon spread (always delicious) but I've used goat cheese with pistachios and walnuts, etc, etc,


      1. Goat cheese mousse with parmesan tuiles are always a big hit! There's a recipe in Bouchon's cookbook.

        1. Here are some ideas:

          Tabbouleh, pesto, couscous or tuna/chicken salad stuffed cherry tomatoes
          Sautee mushroom filled puff pastry squares
          Lamb kofte or spinach feta wrapped in filo
          Salmon filled pastry pockets
          Turkey (or other meats) meatballs with a vareity of dipping sauces
          Baked brie
          Asiago breadsticks
          Grilled marinated vegetables
          Roasted baby potatoes

          1. How about a nice antipasto platter? Do you have a good Italian deli? You can load it w/ various olives, roasted peppers, dried sausage, artichoke hearts, eggplant, good tuna, etc. I do it on a round platter and put good Italian dressing in a bowl in the center. Toasted crostini on a separate plate and bread sticks in a nice glass works w/ it too. Hope it goes well.

            1. I served brie with sliced pears and dried cranberries on simple crackers tonight and it was a big hit. And simple!

              1. Skewer fresh mozzarella, basil and grape tomatoes on toothpicks. Serve with a balsamic/olive oil dip.....

                1. Wow...thanks to much, all of these ideas sound really delicious, and many seem pretty easy to make. I think i'll end up going with the belgian endive boats, the mushrooms in puff pastry, breadsticks, antipasto platter (my dad makes his own salumi), ...omg, i think i'm going to have a HUGE spread if i dont control myself. i have to remember that there's 2 main courses too!!! Thanks again.

                  1. take thawed frozen puff pastry...put slices of prosciutto, basil leaves and shredded gruyere and roll up...refrigertate...the cut rolls into 1/2" pieces and bake...375 for 10-12 minutes....easy and delicious (and impressive)

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                      Just saw a new Martha Stewart book on Hors d'oeuvres. Not a huge fan of Ms. Stewart, but this book is a knockout! I've added it to my Christmas wish list. COMPREHENSIVE and beautifully rendered. Leafing through it will give lots of ideas, and dependable recipes.

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                        Santa brought the book, as requested. Actually, it is not a new book -- published a few years back. Title: The Hors d'Oeuvres Handbook.

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                          This is an awesome book, my go-to for canapes and hor d'oeuvres with great presentation ideas. Just watch out for overly complicated techniques. I nearly lost my mind making fish crackers out of mashed potatoes.

                      2. I went to a cocktail party this weekend, and one of my favorite things was also the simplest: dates wrapped in bacon (cooked/heated in the oven).

                        A platter with smoked salmon drizzed with a little olive oil and lemon juice, and sprinkled with capers and diced red onion or chives is also extremely simple and delicious.

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                          Love the dates wrapped in bacon, but you also could kick it up by stuffing the dates with goat cheese before wrapping with the bacon.

                        2. Surprise your parents with the old-school cocktail party hors d'oeuvre Rumaki. I made these for my parents and was astounded at how much they loved them.

                          Epicurious has a great recipe here:

                          1. What about parmesan asparagus spears wrapped in puff pastry? I've made them before and they are pretty easy and they went really fast: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...