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Fine dining near LAX?

I know this has been asked and answered over the years, but I've been away for a while. Anyone know any good dinner places near LAX? Thanks.

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  1. There's not much right around the airport. But I'd suggest taking a ten minute drive or so up to Venice. I've done this many times before flights or when dropping people off at the airport.

    1. also, in marina del rey, there is the ritz and cafe del rey.

        1. I think this was asked and answered not long ago, but im too lazy to search and post the link.

          As I said there, Ive always had good luck at "encounters" at LAX on the airport property.


          If your driving in its not that bad, the entrance and parking is at the entrance to the airport and you avoid traffic on all but the really busy days. If your already at the airport its nice to go without leaving the grounds. I meet alot of friends there on layovers for wine and appetizers.

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            Closed right now, but yes on Cafe del Rey, Jer-Ne at the Ritz, and Joe's and Primitivo up in Venice.

          2. Consensus seems to be: Closest -- Shula, nearby hotel, steakhouse. View/Ambiance -- Cafe del Rey, up Lincoln in Marina del Rey, fusion with marina views. Burger Run -- there is an In'and'Out just north of the airport. Ethnic -- Araya (sic?) Thai. Diner food/breakfast -- Pann's.

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              That's Ayara, for the ethnic (Thai -- not fine dining, but good dining, and a perfectly ok space -- not a hole in the wall.)

            2. Try the Second City Bistro in El Segundo. Its a little gem of a place in old town El Segundo. Nice wine list, good food. They have terrific soups and salads for light eaters plus decent steak dinners in the $25 range. Check out the menu.

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                We went for group lunch at Second City for christmas last year. Food is not great, but not terrible. It's so loud you can't hear each other talk at all, if it matters.

                Went to Reed's several times. The food there was good (French- Med), and the room is small and romantic. Don't know but you may need reservations there (we always have one when we go there for lunch).

                I've also heard OK things about LA Food Show (at the Manhattan Village mall), but haven't been. The China Bistro there is pretty good for pseudo chinese.

                I work near LAX and so far I haven't find anything that can really be considered 'fine dining' around that area.

              2. Beachwood in Marina del Rey on Washington at Abbot Kinney.

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                  good spot... but not very fine dining..... cool atmoshpeher....

                2. As previously mentioned, old town El Segundo or Main St. which sits just behind LAX has some great neighborhood gems. There's Chef Hannes which serves affordable Calif.-Continental-cooking and a relative newcomer, The Farm. The original Lickity Split frozen custard shop is here as well.

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                    I just tried Chef Hannes on your recommendation... outstanding! Try the osso buco.

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                      chef hana's, imho, is not fine dining.
                      lickety split is now closed.

                    2. There's also the Buggy Whip on La Tijera -- literally on your way to LAX from the 405 Southbound. Voted Best Steak in LA a year or so ago.

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                        the buggy whip is absolutely NOT fine dining.

                      2. In Manhattan Beach, try Avenue, Michi, or Reed's.

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                          Since both Avenue and Michi are now both closed, you are left with Reed's per this list.