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Nov 23, 2006 05:11 PM

truffles in rome

we're about to go in a couple of weeks and a friend wants us to bring back a white truffle. I have a few salumerias in mind but was wondering if anyone has a great rec. for a trustworthy place (after that NYT piece on Roman restaurants and US tourists this past summer, I am not very trusting...)


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  1. Do you know this place, which appears to be a truffle specialist in Rome..

    near Pza. Navona...

    1. I would personally start with Volpetti on Via Marmorata (Testaccio). I am not a truffle fancier but their selection of wonderful delicacies is unbeatable in my experience. Its a zoo in there around the holidays, we warned.

      1. Beware fresh truffle imports from the European Community pay 100% import tax!

        Type TRUFFLES, click "List_Items", choose "99030232.--EC goods (not United Kingdom): Truffles, fresh or chilled (provided for in subheading 0709.52)--07/29/1999 ", click "Details", look under
        "2006 Normal Trade Relations (NTR) duty rate (formerly known as the Most Favored Nation (MFN) duty rate) - Ad Valorem (percent of value) component 100% "

        Also: items must be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any soil contamination, or customs will destroy them.

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          oh wow! i had no idea. thanks. incredible.