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Nov 23, 2006 05:08 PM

La Provincia, yummy in Tustin

Hey All,

I just went to a great new-ish Mexican restaurant in Tustin. It's on First St (137 W First St., Suite A Tustin) in the same shopping center as The Sandwich Box (which is good, too, by the way). I had their tortilla soup, and it was really a standout. The texture of the soup was very velvety, and it had big chunks of chicken and avocado. They also had excellent (I think homemade) tortillas. They were thick and a little chewy, made with masa, not flat and yellow like you get at a lot of other places. Try it, try it (and let me know what you think!).

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  1. I did try it about a month ago and will not return...the service was indifferent,the fish taco was "fishy",and the sopa was stale and impossible to chew...a real letdown

    1. This place is aweful. The only thing worse than their food is their catering service. They use to be located off of Newport Blvd and Irvine Blvd. across the street from the Tustin Brewery. It didn't make it there, and it won't make it where it is now.

      1. I had such high hopes for La Provincia; perhaps that's why I left deflated. The food was eh and so forgettable I can't tell you what I ordered. My service wasn't even indifferent (storminnormin must be a VIP!), it was grim and begrudging. Heck, I was the only soul there, so its not like they were busy.

        chazar, glad you enjoyed the soup, it sounded tasty. Sorry I can't say nicer stuff about your new find in Tustin.