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Location for anniversary dinner in Columbus, Ohio?

We are planning a 50th anniversary party in Columbus next summer,
and one of the activities will be a sit-down restaurant dinner for
about two dozen ranging in age from pre-teens to old fogeys.
We are seeking a restaurant which might have a private room where
our spirited conversation would not bother other diners.
Many of us will be staying on the west side (Hilliard) but we
are willing to drive a bit to find a good place.

We are not excluding ethnic cuisines as long as they have something
acceptable to the young folks, but also because of the kids we
are not looking for a four-star restaurant.
Would appreciate any suggestions from those who know the area.

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  1. How about Bravo? It's a chain place that was started in Columbus by the owners of Lindey's. The north location (Vantage drive) is not too far from Hilliard and seems ot have banquet seating. I like the food there (Italian) and it always seems to appeal to a wide variety of people. It's not the most original or creative type of place, but I think the Italian style of food is really good and I think almost anyone could find something to eat there. check out their website - it has a menu:

    1. Thanks for this (any any future) suggestion. I'll pass it on to the local host.

      Don S.

      1. Absolutely -- Barcelona in German Village. Great food. Great atmosphere. Trendy, but still has a "personal" touch. It also has a great "private dining" area.


        1. I'd look at Lindy's in German Village, where we recently had my mom's 70th b-day. Also, they are celebrating their 25th right now.

          Or look at Handke's - also in GV - and where my sister did her rehearsal dinner. Great food and very cozy.

          1. All those suggestions are great. I had lunch at The Worthington Inn this weekend and was reminded of how great the food was. It would be good too - a historical inn with old classics and creative new dishes. They also have banquet rooms. www.worthingtoninn.com

            1. I love barcelona. What about Alana's? i think they can separate a room out....also the Refectory

              1. Don,

                Have spent a good deal of time in Columbus, Ohio USA. As I travel continuously aroung the world, one restaurant I miss is Lindy's German Village. There is another Lindy's at Polaris...butit is corporate and not the same. The original family still have a hand in the German Village Lindy's. I have personally thrown numerous parties at Lindy's. When in Columbus have my own table near the bar..for when I want to relax over lunch or brunch alone. Also a table for when I am there on business. They have lovely upstairs party room. If your party would actually become 14 or less I recommend the library room..as it is the only private party room in Columbus with a round table to seat everyone together intimately. They also have other party spaces for your large group. In the Summer they also have a wonderful bricked patio courtyard. The food is excellent..and no matter where I travel in the world Lindy's has the absolute best Blue Cheese Handstuffed Olive Icey Cold Martini's. You cannot go wrong at Lindy's. They will also do all the preliminary work if you go ahead and reserve with them for your party. Do let me know the outcome. Enjoy...and say hello to them for me...Kevin Regan The Jet Guy and The Community Guy

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                  Lindy's at Polaris is closed. It's now a Bravo. I second (third?) the recommendation of Lindey's GV. We had our wedding there in the courtyard and had a small (<50 people) reception in their upstairs banquet room. It's charming and they did a great job with the food. At our request the chef even prepared an amuse buche and did wine pairings for each course. The only negative would be the stairs. If you have a lot of seniors attending it could be a difficult climb for them.

                2. My family held a similar party at The County Cork Irish Pub in downtown Hilliard, Ohio. The food and atmosphere are great (and not strictly Irish). They are located in a beautiful historic building with private dining rooms upstairs. The chef really made it a personal experience for us, customizing the menu to suit our needs. The downstairs pub added additional fun for some of the younger members of our party. Their website is http://www.countycorkirishpub.com/
                  Good luck with your party!

                  1. I realize this topic is old, but for people looking for Anniversary style choices in cbus, especially older couples celebrating many great years, I strongly recommend The Worthington Inn. I wrote a long review here after a family dinner: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/508920