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Nov 23, 2006 04:35 PM

Location for anniversary dinner in Columbus, Ohio?

We are planning a 50th anniversary party in Columbus next summer,
and one of the activities will be a sit-down restaurant dinner for
about two dozen ranging in age from pre-teens to old fogeys.
We are seeking a restaurant which might have a private room where
our spirited conversation would not bother other diners.
Many of us will be staying on the west side (Hilliard) but we
are willing to drive a bit to find a good place.

We are not excluding ethnic cuisines as long as they have something
acceptable to the young folks, but also because of the kids we
are not looking for a four-star restaurant.
Would appreciate any suggestions from those who know the area.

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  1. How about Bravo? It's a chain place that was started in Columbus by the owners of Lindey's. The north location (Vantage drive) is not too far from Hilliard and seems ot have banquet seating. I like the food there (Italian) and it always seems to appeal to a wide variety of people. It's not the most original or creative type of place, but I think the Italian style of food is really good and I think almost anyone could find something to eat there. check out their website - it has a menu:

    1. Thanks for this (any any future) suggestion. I'll pass it on to the local host.

      Don S.

      1. Absolutely -- Barcelona in German Village. Great food. Great atmosphere. Trendy, but still has a "personal" touch. It also has a great "private dining" area.


        1. I'd look at Lindy's in German Village, where we recently had my mom's 70th b-day. Also, they are celebrating their 25th right now.

          Or look at Handke's - also in GV - and where my sister did her rehearsal dinner. Great food and very cozy.

          1. All those suggestions are great. I had lunch at The Worthington Inn this weekend and was reminded of how great the food was. It would be good too - a historical inn with old classics and creative new dishes. They also have banquet rooms.