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Nov 23, 2006 02:29 PM

Reuben Sandwich

Is there anyplace that makes a Reuben anything like you used to could get at Reuben's Restaurant- That is, huge, and broiled open faced? Somehow I got a hankerin today and don't know where to go. I imagine Katz' would be good. I know RUB bbq makes an awesome reuben, but it's not quite the same thing- Their's is pressed and made with their house smoked pastrami (actually- a very highly recommended sandwich, and a good alternative to their barbeque).


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  1. Try Sarge's on 3rd avenue. Friends loved it when they came to visit.

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    1. re: roze

      I love Sarge's Reuben! I order it whenever I'm in the neighborhood. But make sure you ask for the meat to be extra lean ($1.00 extra I think) because it tends to be a bit fatty for my taste.

    2. Eisenberg's Reuben is good, but they have new ownership and I have not been there since the change over ...believe it or not but Artie's on the UWS has a good rueben (good hotdogs too, not much else good though)

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      1. re: Cpalms

        Eisenberg's Reuben is delicious. I recommend the mix of pastrami & corned beef.

      2. Carnegie makes a very good one. $23 now, I think, but so big that 4 people will have trouble finishing it.

        1. Carnegie deli has always been reliable, and big enough for 2 strong eaters

          1. Harold's Deli in Edison, NJ makes the biggest, most insane reuben I have ever seen. Go to and click on the Restaurants section, then click on New Jersey and Harold's should be down the list. There are some amazing photos of their food! I've been there and its definitely a belt loosener of a restaurant.