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Nov 23, 2006 02:18 PM

Best value eats in Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges?

I'll be in Amsterdam for a week and might drop by Brussels/Bruges as well. I've seen the other good recs on this board, but would be open to any suggestions as to good value restaurants/eats for someone on a budget. I would prefer food that I can't get here in the U.S./unique stuff. Ethnic is good too. Which Indonesian place is the best too? Thanks.

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  1. Brussels: "Tara" traditional French/Belgian prepared by a native chef,expertly, small menu, on demand sauces not prepared here in US in the same manner.

    1. You can get more than passable streetside food in Brussels if your budget is quite tight--the Liege-style waffles are filling (vs the airy Brussels style, which aren't) and the fries are excellent. There are also still open-air markets in various parts of the city throughout the week, again good for snacking.

      For a sit-down restaurant, we really liked In't Spinnekopke, which is outside the main restaurant drag on a quiet plaza within an easy walk of the Gran Place. They have a good beer cellar and a nice menu with plenty of classic Belgian dishes, all at a price a fair bit below what you'd be paying in the main drags. And bless them, they do have a nonsmoking area.

      1a, Place du Jardin aux Fleurs

      The website is not terribly informative, but run a google search on the name and you'll find lots of reviews.

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        I would also recommend In't Spinnekopke for sit-down restaurant (dinner). I ate there twice in the three days that I spent in Brussels and left very happy (and quite stuffed) both times. If I remember correctly (it has been a while) I think I spent about 20 Euros for dinner, including a few drinks and dessert.

        And for lunch/snacks forego the restaurants/cafes and head for the nearest frite (fry) stand or shop, and/or a waffle stand, and enjoy people watching on the Gran Place. Very inexpensive (and it will leave you a little extra cash to spend on a really good dinner (which is my preference for my food allowance while traveling).

        I also made a stop in Brugge, but would need to consult my notes as to where I ate, and what impression it made on me (I was only there for a day and a night so it is not as etched in memory)

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          Do you know where I can find where the open air markets are located and what to eat when I get there? Thanks.

        2. Touristy fun and great mussels - Chez Lyon (off the Gran Platz)
          Absolutely fantastic,save up your money and dont miss - Comme Chez soi.
          Belgium and Brussels in particular is the finest chance that anyone can walk down the street and let their nose guide them to a very good restaurant. -- You'll love it!

          1. jeanki, It might help if I knew the budget? There are some fabulous places to dine that are not outrageous, very lovely with food that is unbelievable. Very budget there are fabulous groceries and shops with prepared entree's and other take out foods.

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              Anything up to moderate range. Like entrees less than US$25. Good value, i.e. unique and good without being a fancy four star place.