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Nov 23, 2006 02:00 PM

12 nights in Shinjuku.

So I've planned a trip to Shinjuku Tokyo for 12 days, to see my beloved. We are both in our 20s and love food and all that nightlife jazz...
She's been living there for a few months, I will be staying near the shinjuku central station.

Any advice on good food and things to check out? I wanted to know from the people that have actually been there, so here I am on the japanese board (I usually post on the Toronto sidE)

Any sort of culinary help will be most appreciated, and I shall return the favour should you ever come to Toronto!


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  1. There is a small neighborhood of very traditional and very small restaurants a few blocks form all the strip joints. It is a couple of alleys. Many times westerners are not allowed, but there are a few ones you can go to. I don't remember where I heard of them, but it may have been in the book by Kennedy called somethign like 39 Little Adventures in Tokyo. Enjoy, and you want to see something wacky check out the kite museum.

    1. The best food information is on the Tokyo Food Page at
      Do a search of the Shinjuku area -- there are a zillion listings.
      My favorite is Dora for sake, but one of you has to know a little Japanese.
      The small neighborhood Jundomania writes about is called Golden Gai, and while it is a curiousity, I personally think it is all in the atmosphere. Some places can be too expensive, so be careful.

      1. musashi ramen in shinjuku is good for traditional tokyo-style shoyu. i forgot the address but be sure to check it out!