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Nov 23, 2006 12:56 PM

"Indian Chinese" in the DC metro area..?

Just got back from NYC and had a wonderful lunch at Chinese Mirch (28th and Lexington). Is there anything that comes even close to something likes this in the DC Metro area - Chinese food with a unique Indian tilt?

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  1. I am not aware of any indian resturant that specializes on Indian Chinese exclusively. However, Minerva always has a few indian chinese dish (and I have become a fan) at its buffet. First time I ran into indian chinese dishes, I asked the Minerva fairfax manager what it was and he told me that many indians really enjoy chinese food. This is kind of like korean chinese in that it is neither indian or chinese but it is good.

    My favorite has to be the manchurian colliflower.

    1. Bombay Masala in Greenbelt across from NASA main gate has a chinese menu but you have to ask for it otherwise they will give you the indian menu. Chinese menu is separate

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        Last I heard, from a chat here about 1 year ago, they cancelled the chinese/indian menu. You might want to call them and confirm before going.

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          Yep, I stopped going there after a visit when they told me that they had discontinued the Indo-Chinese menu. When did they bring it back?

        2. I heard there is a place in Columbia off rte 175/dobbin rd that is Chinese Indian, I think the name is Mirchi Wok.

          1. Saravana Palace in Fairfax has some Indian Chinese dishes on their menu.

            1. There's a new place opened recently in Centreville - Masala Country. Looks promising..

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                Its authentic Indian Chinese food

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                  Masala Country is a winner, so go if you can.

                  Looking a few posts back, Mirchi in Ashburn also appears to be promising.