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Nov 23, 2006 11:29 AM

Turkey Help, Please.

SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE???? My father-In-Law told me to slow cook my Turkey at 200 degrees starting at Midnight. But he never told me when to stop cooking it. Now I have been reading that it could make everyone sick! I AM PANICKING!!!

It weighs 24 lbs
(I didn't stuff it)
It is in a Turkey Bag
It is now 7:28 am
WHAT DO I DO????????????? HELP......I am about to cry

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  1. Call 1.800.BUTTERBALL, tell them what you told us, and ask if the turkey can be saved or if you have to throw it out. I don't know how the turkey can reach the internal temp it needs to at that rate.

    1-888-Tell Fox will also apparently answer your turkey questions.


    1. If you are told your turkey is inedible, get to a grocery store (most are open this morning) and grab turkey breasts if you cannot find a replacement UNFROZEN turkey. Then just make the sides (the best part anyway) and cook the breast. It's okay. Except for your father-in-law, who may have deep seated issues with the rest of the family!

      1. And at least one of us is really curious, so please take a moment later to say how it went. Thanks