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Nov 23, 2006 11:13 AM

yasuda, what happened?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could explain this to me. I have just returned from a five day trip to New York which I had been planning and looking forward to for months. I telephoned Yasuda one month ago and spoke to an older souding Japanese man to make a reservation for three for lunch at the bar in front of Yasuda for a Monday. I also emailed them just to be sure, but received no reply back. On arrival in New York on Friday I telephoned again to confirm the reservation but this time spoke to a younger sounding Japanese man. On Monday being as excited as I was I phoned just to check what time our reservation was for and spoke to a man whom I assume was the first gentleman I had spoken to a month ago. I eagerly explianed that I had a reservation foir lunch and just wanted to make sure what time it was for and gave my details. He replied that I had no reservation, I again explained that I had phoned a month ago and again on Friday and spelled my name out again (its an unusual one) and again he said no. Still hopeful I asked him to check again and he then said well, whats your reservation number. I explained that on the two occasions I had phoned no one had mentioned anything about a reservation number, he said' no reservation number, no reservation'. At this point I got upset and explained we had travelled form the Uk and were really looking forward to eating at the restaurant but hat if they didn't want us to, then that was how it was to be and hung up.

is it ususally so difficult to get a table? Why despite all my best efforts was it not to be? I admit it was uncool of me to hang up at the end but I was in a state of shock and upset.

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  1. I hate to say it but i think you made a huge mistake! Though i understand your frustration,they are reasonable people, I think if you went there and explained to them what happened they would sort you out.Ive never had a problem getting a table at yasuda. The three times ive been there (once a year for the last three years) I always ate at the sushi bar right in front of Yasuda. Once I just walked in, two times I booked maybe two or three days ahead at the most. have you eaten there before? It is worth any trouble you may have to go through to get there, and plan on spending $100.00 minimim per person, it is not expensive, just fairly priced. Sit at the bar in front of yasuda, let him select for you, tell him when to stop, ask lots of questions about the fish. It is sushi grad school.

    1. For whatever reason I have never been able to get a reservation on the phone. They usually put me on hold for 10 minutes to tell me they have nothing available. I then just walk in and they always act like it is my lucky night and they just had seats open up. I have sat at the sushi bar this way and at tables. The sushi bar is clearly better, but everyone who says it's not worth to go if you don't sit at the bar is crazy. It is still pretty amazing.

      1. Sorry to learn of this disappointing and unusual experience. I have always made reservations by phone without difficulty and have always been given a reservation number.

        1. sorry to hear about that especially with you visiting from overseas. once or twice, i was asked for the 3 digit confirmation number. however, i have not experienced any problems with them holding my reservation.