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Nov 23, 2006 06:51 AM

Kellen's reopened as Leslie's

For those who used to shop at Kellen's in the now demolished Don Mills Mall, it has recently reopened on the east side of Leslie, just north of York Mills, as Leslie's Meats & Deli. The space used to be a Swiss Chalet, and they've retained the faux timber-framing and, more importantly, some of the seating. So, now, you can actually get a sandwich or something from the hot table (cabbage rolls, sausages, etc.) and eat it there. Definitely worth a visit.

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  1. Great tip! Thanks for research!

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    1. re: Brain of J

      Drove by last week but haven't gone yet.
      Need a new supply of the many types of German noodles they always carry.
      Also once a year only at Christmas they do a wonderful baked ham.
      Needs to be ordered.
      Best I have found in Toronto

    2. I went there today and didn't find the store. Instead I found "Dolarama and Second Cup"
      Does anybody know the exact address?? I really can't find it

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      1. re: Mishelina

        For posterity... it's closed now.

        1. re: jlunar

          Dang! I thought this was a new thread saying Kellen's had re-opened!

          I have yet to find sauerkraut like their's with tiny bits of speck - it was tastiest after sitting all day on the hot table... weird, but true!

          And nobody sells sausages that taste the way their's did... not Vienna Fine Foods, not Denniger's, not Reither's... I keep searching but nothing comes even close.

          For me, the original location in Don Mills Plaza was part of my childhood... I miss it so much!

          1. re: LovelyAsia

            Yeah, I was always fascinated by the different chocolate (Mozart balls! Marzipan!) and candies they had there. Not that I can't find them elsewhere these days, but back then it was like "Waaaahhhooo!" *___*