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Nov 23, 2006 06:28 AM


Has anyone been able to buy twiglets? My world stretches from the SF Valley to the Westside. Please help. We're running low and no trips planned to the UK for the near future.

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  1. I believe you can find them at the market next to The Buchannan Arms. 2013 W. Burbank Blvd,
    Burbank, CA

    1. you could try the tudor house store in santa monica.

      1. You can find them closer than that! The Firar Tuck Shop on Burbank blvd in Van Nuys/ Sherman Oaks carries Twiglets and other import Brit stuff.

          1. What funny timing for this post. I was sitting in the Admiral's Club at Heathrow last week and tried Twiglets for the first time, not knowing what they were. I loved them.

            Then on Saturday morning, I found them at Beachwood Market, along with HP brown sauce and a whole rack of imported British goods.