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Nov 23, 2006 03:40 AM

Il Cono Baby Yogurt vs Pinkberry on Huntley

I tried Baby Yogurt at Il Cono a few weeks ago and thought it was delicious. Today, I saw an emtpty parking space on SM and Huntley and decided to give Pinkberry a try thinking that it would be similar. It wasn't. I found it very sour, almost citrus like and a bit granular or icey. I thought it was supposed to be creamier. Was it an off day or is it always icey?

Now I am craving the "baby yogurt" from Il Cono on SM and Beverly Drive and am not in much of a rush to give Pinkberry another chance, mostly because of the texture.

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  1. Do you know if this Il Cono place has a website? What's the exact address?

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    1. You have just had the quintessential first Pinkberry experience. That's not to say that you should try it again if you weren't into it. But of the many Pinkberry addicts I know (including me), none of us liked it at all the first time. But now I crave it almost daily. So if you go back for seconds, know what you're getting yourself into! (BTW, Pinkberry yogurt is SO much healthier than all the processed, artificial flavor-laden "regular" frozen yogurt you find everywhere else. And the fresh fruit toppings are a healthy addition as well.)

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        Well, I loved Pinkberry the first time I tried it. The one I go to (on Sawtelle) does not have an icey or granular texture at all.

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          today i tried the Red Mango brand of yogurt that they serve at the California Roll place on westwood blvd in the same shopping center as peets and eduardos.

          have to say, i liked it every bit as much as pickberry AND it cost a lot less.

          can't say the same, though, about the pinkberry copy they serve at the Big Chill on olympic and westwood. although it was somewhat tart, like pinkberry, it was way too smooth. also, by the time you add the price of the toppings, it was just as expensive as pinkberry.

          i'll be heading back to the California Roll place every time i'm in the area

        2. Tastes vary and Pinkberry's rabbit-like multiplication speaks for itself, but in our family we also prefer the creamy Italian style baby yogurt to Pinkberry, although more because we don't like the artificial aftertaste in Pinkberry; the iciness is indeed the Pinkberry style, and under some conditions it can seem refreshing and "light" (maybe reminiscent of the texture of bing su without the massive pile of ice, although you can get the full on bing su treatment at Pinkberry if you want).

          However, we find some of the same unpleasant aftertaste in Il Cono's yogurt, and for Italian style we much prefer the plain soft yogurt at Mondo Gelato, on Pico just west of Westwood Blvd. Just wish they had the little mochi balls at Mondo Gelato, they are the one thing Pinkberry does have going for it.