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Nov 23, 2006 02:59 AM

Anywhere to get Xtabentún in the US?

I went to Cancún several years ago and bought a bottle of Xtabentún, the anise liquor that, from what I have read, also has honey in it. My one bottle broke a few years ago on a cross-country move, and now I'm on the East Coast wondering how to get my hands on it without having to leave the country. I'm in Baltimore.

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  1. Yes, the importer of D'Aristi Xtabentun in the US is Preiss Imports based in Ramona California. Their contact info is the following:

    Tel: 760-789-6010
    Fax: 760-789-5461

    And if you're ever in LA, they carry the stuff at a place near the Marina called Beverage Warehouse.

    1. Thanks! I'll look in to the mail order.

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        Hello JD and Henry, hope after 5 years someone answers me. Im a sales representative for a mexican company located in Yucatan named Kuuch Liquors, this company makes the xtabentun within many other liquers, we already have an importer in the US but currently we are looking for more. If you are interested in our company I encourage you to visit our website, the link below where you can download our catalog in English and the list of our products, please if you need quotation please give me details about the product(s), quantity, inconterm you wish to use for the quotation, type of liqueur of our brand of liquors you need and all requirements or things you think you might need from us.

        We also produce liquors according to customer requirements.


        My email is:
        Skype: alexrodman1981
        Web site:

      2. It's here in Boston liquor stores thanks to Preiss.

        DrinkUpNY has it and they ship: (That assumes you can receive booze in your state).

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          In the Yucatan it's about $9, so probably a fair value from DrinkUpNY @ $23. It's a special occasion sipper and a bottle lasts a while, but it's one of those oddities that when you have the impulse, it's nice to have somewhere in the back row.

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            There's a drink here in Boston that uses it by Trina Sturm of Trina's Starlite Lounge -- I'd compare it to perhaps a Tequila Rusty Nail:

            El Camino
            2 1/2 oz Reposado Tequila
            1/2 oz D'Aristi Xtabentún Honey Liqueur
            2 dashes Chocolate Mole Bitters
            Stir with ice and strain into a rocks glass.
            More 4-1-1:

            1. re: yarm

              Ohh thanks!! D'aristi is our competence in Yucatan, Mexico we are a Mexican distillery that wants to enter in the US. We make the Xtabentun and for sure we can give you a better price however if someone doesnt want to change the xtabentun supplier we can also offer other alternative drinks, I strongly suggest you check our website do you know the purchasing person for DrinkupNY?? who is in charge of imports?.. I have a wider range of henequen liquors like the xtabentun for sure they might get interested.


          2. re: yarm

            Hi yarm, I've been looking all over Boston and haven't found the stuff anywhere. I checked Kappy's, Martignetti's, Cambridge Wine & Liquor, Downtown Liquors.. nobody had heard of it or knew where to get ahold of it. Have you seen it in any stores around town?

            1. re: Boston_Otter

              This shows it at Gordon's Wines and Liquors in Waltham, or one of the others can maybe ship it to you (I don't know what your local restrictions may be).


              1. re: Boston_Otter

                D'aristi Xtabentun is a cheap xtabentun our xtabentun is much better yet you wont find anywhere in the US yet because we havent entered there yet.. we have an importer in Phili and we are about to send samples within the coming days

                We have many worthy products that for sure you're gonna love it if you like the sweet liquors like the xtabentun. Please get in touch with our importer perhaps he might sell you a couple of bottles if you were in Mexico I would give 1 or 2 for free in order to make promotion in the US..

                We are expecting to enter the US soon.

                Loren Kagan:

                our website is