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Nov 23, 2006 02:06 AM

HELP!!! cranberry sauce question! 911!!SOS!!

i made a cranberry jelly that i make every year and should end up with 3cups cranberry liquid and you add 3envelopes of gelatin. well, greedy me, i squeezed every juice outta the cranberries and came out with more than 3cups.. now my jellu is way too soft. can i reheat and add more gelatin? what to do.. and if i can do that, how much more gelatin? another envelope?

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  1. Relax a bit - cranberries are very high in pectin. If you've got some time to wait and see, you should. If you squeezed everything you could out of the berries, you probably have a significant amount of pectin, too. It may yet gel. If not, I defer to others on the board.

    1. So, as long as it has flavor, let it be its cranberry sauce and not cranberry jelly.

      Too much pectin will make it inedible. Its flavor you want to go with food.

      Don't panic. Nobody will notice.