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Nov 23, 2006 01:39 AM

Wu Liang Ye

With the temporary [?] closure of SAIGON GRILL I have sought refuge at WU LIANG YE [215 86th UES].
I have had only the LUNCH specials which are $5-6.95 I think.
Includes a HOT AND SOUR SOUP or spring roll.

Hell,the portions are especially generous indeed and carry quite a Sichuan peppercorn kick so if you like some spice and great flavor it's a great experience.
L4 - sliced chicken with spicy garlic sauce is always great.

Service is amazing as well.

BTW,the Rockefeller branch has only take-out LUNCH menu - I have had lunch there with more or less the same items and it comes out about twice as expensive though I think still very good value so this speaks very well for the UES place.

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  1. There was a long debate earlier in the year about which branch is better. I went to the Rock Center branch years ago but now I just hop the 7 train.

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      Now that I've since discovered Szechuan Gourmet I'd add that to the list of contenders. I find both WLY 48th & Szechuan Gourmet a cut above Grand Sichuan.

    2. My father claims that Wu Liang Ye is the only "authentic" Chinese food he's ever had in the Upper East Side!

      1. I've always enjoyed the meals I've had there, but one time we ordered take out and every dish was consumed by the hot chili sauce - I'm by no means an expert on Chinese food, but not everything we ordered was meant to have that sauce. My DH, who absolutely loves very spicey food, could barely eat it. Hopefully just an off night, but this has made me reluctant to order again.