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Nov 23, 2006 12:50 AM

Martithas;delicious pupusas and fried plantains

I decided to wait out this chilly, rainy pre-Thanksgiving rush hour evening by chowing down at Martitha's restaurant on north Crain highway in Glen Burnie. Martitha's is just as good and as much a value as its Langley Park counterparts such as Dona Azucena and Irene's. I started off with an excellent horchata and complementary chips served with a mild Salvadoran-style salsa. Then I dug into three pupusas revueltas, served piping hot and stuffed with plenty of cheese and pork. The accompanying curtido (cabbage slaw) and salsa were fine too. The fried plantains were also tasty and served piping hot and fresh, with pureed frijoles and sour cream. This delicious feast cost only slightly over nine bucks, including the beverage and tax. Viva Martitha!

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