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Nov 23, 2006 12:22 AM

Ange & Ricky

The mirror gave Ange & Ricky a very tasty review so I went tonight. It is a tiny haitian restaurant in the Villeray district. We were greeted by the owner who went into a lengthy discussion about all her foods and she gave us some free samples. This place is incredible. I forget the food names but basically, we each had some kind of beef cubes with dirty rice, fried plantains, incredible fried chicken and you must absolutely ask for the giant hot sauce jar. Washed it all down with their vanilla lemonade and mango juice. Has anyone else gone?

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  1. It's been on my list since yesterday, when I read the review on " endless banquet". They agree with you! Hmm...apparently they were the ones who wrote the Mirror review. Go figure.