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Nov 22, 2006 11:12 PM

Best Ramen in Manhattan

Will be in NY this Friday and hoping to find a kick-#$% bowl of ramen soup -- perhaps similar to Asahi Ramen in Los Angeles (pork, miso, fresh ramen, slice of butter, fresh veggies, tasty broth).

The only decent bowl of Ramen I've had on the East Coast was in Niagara Falls (Canadian side, unnassuming casual Japanese mall restaurant).

So who's got the best Ramen Soup in Manhattan?

Please, please, please knock my socks off hounders.

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  1. Tsukushi if you can get him to make it for you.

    1. There was a long discussion of this about a month ago. Most of the posters were disappointed in the NY ramen scene.

      1. Asahi ramen is pretty mediocre ramen by LA standards. You should be able to find its equivalent in NYC. But if you're looking for good ramen, you should search further in LA. Otherwise, if you're around during Friday lunch, Chikubu is probably your best bet.

        1. My vote goes to Menchanko-Tei Midtown West
          43-45 W 55th St (Cross Street: Between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.
          We have tried quite a few places (after seeing the movie 'Tampopo')and keep going back to have the Hakata Ramen here. I'll have a cold Saporo and we often split an order of Gyoza. I have never had ramen that I know to be 'authentic', but this is the best we have found after a number of tries. It opens at 11:30 and I just don't think there is a better way to start a day in NYC on a cold morning.


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          1. re: HungryChris

            I agree with HungryChris - Menchanko-Tei is the best in Manhattan for ramen. Since being introduced to it by my friend who is a major Japonfile I've been back there a number of times. Excellent gyoza as wel which is saying something b/c most of the gyoza in Manhattan is disappointing.

            1. re: jwobkk

              Menachnko-tei is my favorite in NY. I particularily like the Hakata Ramen. But don't come to NY for ramen, the ramen out here pales in comparison to the ramen joints in southern california, you wont find anything better out here ...the same goes for the Korean food == its much better in LA/Orange County

            2. re: HungryChris

              agree - loooooove the Hakata ramen - just the right amount of ginger adds a nice spice.

            3. CHIKUBU's friday lunch special remains the best i've had. i like MINCA in the east village sometimes, even tho i have not been in awhile, and also the shio ramen at SANTOUKA in the all things japanese mitsuwa mart plaza over in nj. i keep trying but, i dont really care for ONY's ramen, except in the past i have enjoyed the cold summer ramen there. oh i hate these ramen threads -- i gotta get to japan!

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              1. re: mrnyc

                Have to second the Chikubu ramen special and Minca's ramen as the best this city has to offer.

                1. re: chowmeow

                  I third Chikubu, which only serves Ramen on Fridays. If possible go at 11:45, to beat the crowds, or after 12:40. It gets especially crowded on Fridays. Menchanko-Tei is not in the same league.

                  1. re: vinominer

                    Chikubu is closed now, unfortunately. But yeah, their Friday ramen was pretty damn good. I vote for Rai Rai Ken - I can't wait to go for their Hiyashi Chuka now that's it's warm out.

                    1. re: ExFlexitarian

                      4th for minca ... also like their gyoza.

                      1. re: asiansupper

                        If you go to Minca, try their kimchi miso ramen - hands down best ramen I've had.

                        536 E 5th St, New York, NY 10009

                        1. re: michaelmas

                          i had that last time i was there ... was good but HUGE! have they recently upsized their bowls or something?