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Nov 22, 2006 10:21 PM

ISO Stella glass

My parents want one of the pint glasses with the stella logo on it, has anyone seen them to buy anywhere?

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  1. You should ask one of the establishments that use the Stella glasses (I know Il Fornello does, for sure) where they get them or even ask if they'll sell you one.

    I love those glasses too. Especially the ones that have beer in them, lol! :-)

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    1. re: sierramum

      haha true, thanks, thats a good suggestion! Next time I go out I'll ask

    2. They usually release Stella giftsets every holiday season. Now is the time for it at most LCBO's.

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      1. re: NovoCuisine

        ohh good idea, of course! Thanks ! That sounds easy enough then

        1. re: gido

          thats so cool, ahha theres a 3 LITRE stella glass! oooh and an abbey ale glass too for me!! What a fun site, thanks for sending this to me

          1. re: hungryabbey

            Report back if you can actually purchase a glass from Global Beer. My credit card always gets rejected, and I've heard the same from other Canadians.

            1. re: Mississauga Matt

              oh damn , mine probably will too. for some reason, alot of online things wont except mine either, it always says something like "we dont accept cards with the first numbers ...." hm, we'll see

              1. re: Mississauga Matt

                On their Poicy and Procedures page, this is what it says:

                "6. SHIPPING OUTSIDE OF THE USA.

                6.1. To Canada? Go ahead, order on-line. All costs given by the system are correct and are the costs charged to your credit-card. Read 6.5 for import taxes.

                6.4. In our reply e-mail we will ask to e-mail or fax your credit-card information. Thus, don't give that yet in your first e-mail."

                So I guess it's just an extra step to get an order if you're from Canada.

                1. re: sierramum

                  And oooooooh...they sell an authentic Belgian Mussel Pot! I gotta' get that! :-D

                  1. re: sierramum

                    hmm confusing , but possibly well worth it haha

                    1. re: sierramum

                      6.4 is related to 6.3:

                      When you want to order for a destination outside the USA, * Canada * and Western Europe, for example Australia or New Zealand, this is possible by sending us an e-mail ...

                      I have been on the phone with Global Beer about this and have discussed this issue with Bartowelers who have also had their cards rejected ... there seems to be an issue when the system attempts to confirm the credit card to the 3 digit security number on the reverse.

                      As for the LCBO, all the beer gift packs are out - Queen's Quay is always good, Atrium on Bay isn't bad, Manulife Centre absolutely sucks - and most are repeats from previous years. The Stella is available as part of an InBev pack, along with the IMHO more interesting Leffe glass.

                      Personally, I'd pick up the Erdinger weisse beer glass, if I didn't already have too many of them.

                      1. re: Mississauga Matt

                        Ooops. Thanks for the correction Matt. Can I use the fact that I was working on only 3 hours sleep as an excuse for my poor eyesight? :-)

                    2. re: Mississauga Matt

                      Hubby ordered some Hoegaarden pint glasses (LCBO gift packs only have 1/2 pint) and he says his credit card went through without any problems. He's been looking for these for a long time.

                      Thanks again Gido!

                  2. re: gido

                    Nice site. I think it's about time I got some pitchers :)

                  3. My wife picked some up at the Summerhill LCBO a few years ago.

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                    1. re: ltdan

                      alrite good, I'll give my local lcbo a call

                      1. re: ltdan

                        I seem to remember that last year at the LCBO around Christmas they had beer gift packs that featured three different beers (including Stella) along with matching glasses for each. Not sure if LCBO has started selling their Christmas gift line yet, but I'm sure they will soon.

                        1. re: midtowngirl

                          yeah I will definetly check them out, I would be surprised if they havent started their xmas line, everyone else has (and its making me nervous)

                        2. re: ltdan

                          I was just at the Summerhill LCBO this afternoon and they had Belgian gift packs with single bottles of Stella, Leffe and Hoegaarden, each with its corresponding glass. They didn't look like pint glasses, though. Maybe just ones a bottle. At any rate, they've got a bunch of them.

                          1. re: tbonetak

                            oh perfect, thanks for the report.. they make good gifts for those people who you really dont know what else to get

                        3. Biere Market on Front Street sells the Stella glasses