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Nov 22, 2006 10:06 PM

Bell & Evans Turkeys--better than Butterball?

The lady in front of me last night at the supermarket was buying a Bell & Evans turkey. She commented that she bought it because she couldn't find a 26 lb. Butterball. She had never heard of Bell & Evans, and was a little nervous. I told her that she was making a superior choice, but when I thought about it, was she? I like their chickens, but have never had their turkeys.

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  1. they're very different, Bell and Evans doesn't inject their turkeys with a brine or fat, so many people expecting the extremely moist breast of Butterball aren't likely to be really thrilled with it..

    1. I have not had their turkey but I found their chicken to be pretty flavorless

      1. I brined a 22 pound B&E. I took loving care of it, and did everything my brining research said to. It was a beautifully roasted bird - I've never had one with such gorgeous skin. was dry. I don't know what I did wrong but maybe there is something to be said for the injected Butterballs!

        1. I eat B&E chickens several times a week and love them. A couple of years ago I bought a B&O Oven Stuffer Roaster for Sunday dinner. Cooked up great, but when I served it my family looked at me and asked what happened. It was dry. So never went back that way and continue to use Purdue for the Roasters.

          Likewise the story goes for Tommy. Thought I'd try a B&E and let me tell ya, did not like at all. Same reaction by the family. Back to Bball.

          Moral is a lable does not make a good boyd.

          1. I have always been pleased with B & E chicken parts, bought at my local UWS butcher for regular dinners, whether it be breasts, thighs, etc.

            Since moving to the 'burbs, I have been buying Murrays. It seems to be more available in my area. I am very happy with every purchase and dinner I have made. Granted, we have been bbq-ing alot but I have done many inside kitchen preps and dinners as well. Not one bad turnout.

            So, still being pregnant for T-day and because I prefer organic if possible, I purchased a 14 lb Murrays Organic turkey and I must turned out unbelievable! We stayed very traditional this year (see my post in the debriefing thread on Home Cooking for details) and the bird was juicy and delicious, even reheated for leftovers.