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Nov 22, 2006 09:58 PM

Wine shop in Atlanta?

What's the best wine shop in town? I'm staying downtown but would be willing to go quite a bit out of my way.

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  1. In-town, my favorite is Wine Gallery and Market on Sidney Marcus and Piedmont. Great selection accross all proce points, with a very knowledgable staff. Not sure where you are visiting from. but expect high wine prices in Atlanta. Georgia wine laws are not much fun.

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    1. re: tstett

      Thanks. Coming from Mississippi, I'll be happy with a decent selection and not worry about price.

    2. We usually go to either Tower or Green's. Pearson's tends to be more expensive- plus I don't know about their wine selection, but they've seriously let the beer and spirits selection slide. Haven't been to the Wine Gallery, other than to observe that it's possibly the worst retail location in Atlanta- no access from where it's visible. There's also Toco Giant and Sherlock's in Cobb, plus two smaller intown locations (Brookhaven and Northside Pkwy near W Paces).

      I honestly don't know how GA wine prices compare. They tend to be relatively good for beer and spirits, though. Unless you're comparing a CA wine purchased on the left coast, which always seems to be a few bucks cheaper.

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        There's a Sherlock's in Decatur as well. Not bad selection, but I really think the variety at Wine Gallery makes it worth the visit. They have a number of very good producers that I have not seen anywhere else in Atlanta.

      2. Ansley Wine Merchant has the best staff, IMO. Maybe not a huge, huge inventory, but they keep a great selection and are very helpful.
        Located in Ansley Mall at Piedmont & Monroe intersection.